Naturally Detox Your Body with Essential Oils | Aromatherapy for Mom

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Your liver is important for filtering your blood and removing poisons and toxins from your body. Sweating is another way your body naturally gets rid of chemicals, minerals and unwelcome substances that could lead to poor health. These are natural detoxification processes which happen automatically. Check the description box below for more information. When these and other systems designed to keep you healthy by getting “bad stuff” out of your body do not work properly, illness, infection and disease are the unwelcome byproducts.

This is why it is important to assist your natural detoxification process whenever you can. There are lifestyle changes you can make and foods you can consume that help you detox. Ditch fast food and processed foods and replace them with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, and you automatically boost your innate ability to remove waste and absorb vitamins and minerals.

Another way to do this is with aromatherapy and essential oils. There are receptors in your brain that respond to your 5 senses. Where your smell is concerned, the acknowledgment of certain aromas begins a process in your brain that automatically supports and improves detoxification. Here are 4 essential oils found in nature that have shown the ability to help you remove waste and toxins from your body.

Cilantro is a green herb known to help remove heavy metals from the body. It is often found in man-made detoxing formulas and chemicals, because it has a natural ability to act as a magnet to many heavy metals that lead to a long list of health problems. Once cilantro binds to heavy metals and other toxins, they can then be easily removed from the body through your digestive system.

Cilantro also offers powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The removal of bad bacteria is a goal of any detoxification process. When you have toxins and poisons in your body, they can lead to inflammation. Since inflammation is at the cornerstone of many chronic illnesses and serious diseases, cilantro can help reduce the level of inflammation experienced, while simultaneously boosting digestive tract health.

It’s important for your digestive system to be healthy so that detoxification can happen efficiently. The liver is a major part of the detoxing process in humans, and cilantro has been linked to liver health. For a number of reasons, cilantro should be considered a go-to essential oil for detoxing.

The Canadian arborvitae tree yields an essential oil which is a strong purifying and cleansing agent. Powerful immune boosters found in arborvitae essential oil keep your natural defense system against disease and illness strong and healthy. When your body receives too many poisons, toxins and other unwelcome chemicals and substances, your immune system often pays the price. Arborvitae oil can keep your immune system strong in face of this unhealthy attack.

Arborvitae oil is additionally good for detoxing because it fights environmental threats when used topically. This is because of the high level of tropalones found in arborvitae oil, which also protect against seasonal threats which deliver airborne toxins that can wreck your health. Additionally, this natural oil promotes detoxification by boosting healthy cell function.

Geranium oil promotes skin health. Your skin is the first layer of defense your body has against bacteria, toxins and environmental threats to your health. Geranium oil has been used for centuries to promote mental and emotional health, and was a standard medicine used by the ancient Egyptians for developing and maintaining beautiful skin. Its inflammation-fighting properties keep your natural detoxification process working properly, as does the fact that geranium oil supports a healthy circulatory system.

The essential oil taken from limes is not one of the most common popular oils used in aromatherapy. Even so, it contains powerful antioxidants which boost and support healthy immune function, including your natural detoxing process. As mentioned earlier, your digestive system has to be working properly so that you are continuously and automatically getting toxins and poisons out of your body. Lime essential oil has also been linked to a healthy digestive system.