Champion Household Juicer 4000 Masticating Juicer (Red)

The Model 4000 utilizes the same A/C motor utilized with the Model 2000, Household, other than that it is shorter. With the Model 4000, the motor is covered by a durable Poly-Carbonate blend plastic cover with deal with for ease of handling. The cover will not chip or fade as can occur with repainted Model 2000. The hub/body link of the Model 4000 has 4 lugs and also contends least 6 times the stamina of the Model 2000 connection. The Model 4000 has a smaller footprint; it is shorter, narrower as well as lower and slightly lighter than the Model 2000. The Model 4000 has even more flexibility compared to the Model 2000. By using 2 augers (grinding auger and also Greens auger), it juices and also homogenizes like the Model 2000 and juices wheatgrass and also leafy eco-friendlies for the green juice, no add-on needed. Includes the following: 1 Motor Assembly, 1 Body, 1 Screen Insert, 1 Blank Insert, 1 Grinding Auger, 1 Greens Auger, 2 Restrictors – Juicing, 1 Restrictor – Open, 1 Deflector, 1 Tamper, 1 Funnel, 1 Body Seal (o-ring), 1 Juice Bowl, 1 Sieve, 1 Cleaning Brush