List of Essential Oils for Cats

Whenever you have a cat as a pet, you should also care for their health. Essential oils can be used for several purposes and are healthier for the health of your cat. But before using the essential oils, you should make sure, either the particular essential oil is safe for their health or not. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best essential oils for your cat that will be safe for them.

Always use the essential oil in the correct way

We suggest you to must apply the right quantity of the oil on the skin of the cat. Sometimes your cat may suffer many health issues if you use the essential oils in the excess amount. Make sure to diffuse or dilute the essential oils before use because these can also harm the skin of the cats if you will apply them directly on the skin of the cats. It is always preferable to use these oils in moderation if you want to apply them in a safe environment.

Don’t prefer fresheners and different fragrances for the cats because these include chemicals. Always try to use the essential oils for the cats because these are chemical free and will not harm their skin.

Don’t use the following essential oils for your cat

You should not use:

  • Lavender oil
  • Citrus oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Thyme oil

What are the best essential oils for a cat?

We are going to discuss the essential oils that will not harm your cat in any way.

Lemongrass oil

You can find this oil in the form of hydrosol. This oil doesn’t contain alcohol that is why it is safe to use for the cats. Many essential oils that have phenol and alcohol in them may react on the skin of the cats. Before applying, make sure the particular oil is 100% non-alcoholic. This oil is made from the steam-distilling. If you will apply the low concentration of this oil on the skin of your cat, it will not harm it at all. You should not apply this essential oil directly on the skin if the cat. It will not easily be ingested by the cats.

Cedarwood oil

This oil is also phenol free. So, you can use it on the skin of your cat without any worry. It will be 100% safe for your cat and will not harm the skin of the cat. Either the oil is safe for the cat or not, you must follow some tips to make it beneficial for your cat. For this oil, you must check the label of the contents before use.


Every essential has its own purpose of using. If your cat has fleas, no oil is better than using Rosemary. To get rid of the fleas is important if you want to save the carpet and other furniture in your room safe. You should boil a small quantity of water and add Rosemary oil in it. Then it will be ready to apply at the skin of the cat. It is preferable to add this solution into the tub and ask your cat into the tub. When it will stick on the skin of the cat, your cat will get rid of the fleas.

Sweet basil

This oil acts as an anti-viral and is safe to use for your cat. It also contains the anti-bacterial. It has a sweet fragrance and can easily be used as a replacement of the air-fresher that you can easily use around your cat.

These all are the best essential oils that are safe to use for your cats.