Essential Oils For Cough And Cold

In the spring season do you often have a stuffy nose, producing wheezing sound? Is it ruining your life? Your nose might be clogged with phlegm. You should consider essential oils to ease yourself. These days, Essential oils are the top choice of many people because of their anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Once you sniff the oil, all the mucus and phlegm will drain out.

Most humans are more prone to allergies due to pollutants, pollen, or any different kind of food. Allergies cause accumulation of phlegm (mucus) that, when stays in the throat or nasal cavity for a long time, produces wheezing sound. If untreated initially, the phlegm changes its color (green or yellow) and turns into sinusitis, and at this stage, you are unable to blow your nose.

Sinusitis is prevailing rapidly in the US; with the dawn of new season annually, around 50 million people (149 per 1000) have nasal congestion and coughs. According to a survey, 3.4 to 5 billion US dollars are spent annually on its treatment, mostly on antibiotics. This is quite a large amount. So, treating your allergies with essential oils will save your budget and provide you with the best positive results.