Discover The Amazing Benefits Of Peppermint Oil

If you prefer to rely on natural products for your health and wellness, then the benefits of peppermint oil is something you definitely need to have in your home medical supplies. The affordable oil is incredibly versatile and can be stored for several months in a cool, dry area without light.

Although the little peppermint candies given away by restaurants today have no peppermint oil, they are based on ancient wisdom regarding the positive health effects of the peppermint herb. It works fabulously as a breath freshener, which the candies mimic effectively. The real oil also works to heal mouth sores and infections, which the sugar-laden candies do not.

The anti-nausea properties are also important when you consider it as a post-meal offering. If you are feeling queasy, a treatment with pure peppermint essential oils is likely to correct your gastric discomfort. From mild gas to vomiting, you will be pleased with how quickly the oil takes effect. Add one drop to a glass of water. You can also use a diffuser or add a few drops to a tissue and inhale.

In addition to soothing your upper digestive tract, your colon and muscle spasms associated with diarrhea will subside with the use of the oil. Rather than swallowing tiny cupfuls of poorly flavored over-the-counter liquids and tablets, you can depend on one tiny drop of this aromatic essential oil to minimize all of your digestive discomforts.

If you will be undergoing anesthesia or taking prescriptions known to cause nausea, make sure to stock some peppermint oil. You will get through your post-op more easily or get through the round of medication with fewer side effects than usual. Motion sickness sufferers can use it as well.

The muscles of your digestive tract are not the only ones that can benefit from peppermint. When added to a carrier oil, like almond or olive, it makes a wonderful muscle-relaxing massage oil. Whether you are massaging it into your own tight muscles or having another do it, the oils will penetrate the tissues, the effect boosted by the heat and motion of the massage.

raging headache

therapeutic benefits of peppermint oil

From cramped muscles in your feet after a long day at work to a raging headache, you can find fast relief without any side effects. If the pains in your head are accompanied by sinus congestion, the scent will help to clear your nasal passages and it is effective as a cough reduction agent.

The therapeutic benefits of peppermint oil are not limited to the physical. Mild mental and emotional imbalances may be treated also. If you feel mentally run down or chronically apathetic, aromatherapy with this and other relevant oils can provide a drastic improvement in your mood.

When purchasing peppermint essential oil, it is important that you read the label carefully. It should clearly state that it is 100% pure and provide the scientific name of the plant from which it was harvested. Look also for the extraction process. Investigate the reputation of any brand before you purchase it and make sure that you buy it from a legitimate vendor.

Make sure that you dilute the peppermint properly before each use. Once you have discovered the benefits of peppermint oil, you will never want to revert to your former treatment choices again!

Marilyn Reid is a successful business owner and natural health enthusiast. She owns a site,, which is dedicated to providing tips, ideas, and recipes for use with essential oils and aromatherapy.