Diffusing Essential Oils Around Dogs

Many people have dogs in their homes; it is their responsibility to take care of them. One must be conscious while he is going to diffuse the essential oils around his dog. When we are not experienced, we don’t know what will be the long-term of diffusing this particular essential oil around the dog. One must take the wise decision and use common sense before diffusing the essential oils around the dogs.

Is the diffusing essential oils causes harm to dogs?

Nowadays, essential oils have become very common. Every person has them at their homes to use them whenever needed. When you have a dog at your home, he becomes part of your family and acts as a family member. No doubt, you can use the essential oils for the fragrance. Many essential oils have a sweet smell and can make the environment of your room nice. Hopefully, all your family members will enjoy this fragrance, but if you have a dog that remains at your home throughout the day, you must take care of it. You must know either the particular essential oil will be safe for your dog or not.

For making the use of the essential oils safe for your dog, must follow the three steps:

You must know the health status of your dog

If you want to give a healthy lifestyle to your dog, you must know its medical history. If you feel that your dog is suffering from some health issues, it is always preferable to give them the essential treatments. You must know if your dog is sensitive to essential oil and its fragrance. Always use the essential oil that is not allergic to your dog to keep it safe from any health issue.

If sometimes, your dog may suffer from fleas, and during the essential oil is essential, we suggest you consult with the vet to know what essential oil will best to use. Always use the oil that will not harm the sin of your dog. You must refresh your memory and recall by the past experience what the effective essential oils for your dogs are and what are the harmful oils?

Always use the low concentration of essential oil

After ensuring your dog is healthy and happy, you can diffuse the essential oil around your dog. Excess of anything is bad. So, you should not use essential oils in an excess amount. You should take a start with the conservative apply of the essential oil on the skin of your dog. You should know the dog’s skin is more sensitive to these essential oils than the human’s skin.

You should use the amount of the essential oil according to the size of your dog. If your dog is small, use fewer drops. On the other hand, if you have a larger log, use the essential oil accordingly.

Don’t forget to dilute

You should not apply the essential oils directly on the skin of the dogs because it will always harm their skin. We suggest you to must use the essential oils after the diffusion and the dilution. You can easily diffuse it by using the diffuser. After the diffusion, your essential oil will ready to spray in the air around your dog and will act as a replacement of the air fresheners.

By following all these rules, you can make the use of the essential oils safe for your dog. Not all the essential oils will harm your dog, you should research well before the use if you want to save your dogs from any health issue.