Badger – Healing Balm, Dry Skin Home Remedies

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”B00A6EQCHA” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”incomnoteb-20″ width=”483″] Badger Healing Balm is great for cracked and dry hands, elbows, heels, and feet. Dry Skin Home Remedies. Soothes windburn, scratches, and scrapes. Ingredients include, organic extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, beeswax, aloe vera extract, and essential oil of sweet birch.

Olive Oil

Olive is a skin moisturizer and ointment for soothing dry skin and sunburns. While olive oil is not a sunscreen and does not prevent UV rays from penetrating the skin, using it as a cosmetic does help in protecting the skin against acquired aging and damage from the sun. Being an excellent organic skin care product, olive oil is also a superior moisturizer and humectant. It can attract moisture from the air and binds it to the skin. Skin conditions such as eczema and acne respond well to skin care products containing, or made with olive oil, because of the anti-bacterial properties of this organic oil.

Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera, especially when combined with other natural ingredients, can greatly enhance the skin and its ability to replenish skin cells. As skin cells die, new skin cells must replace the old to promote healthy skin. This also slows the aging process and helps keep the skin moist and beautiful. Aloe creams and gels on the market can help enhance this process. There are also creams and gels to help with itching, burns, cuts, psoriasis, shingles, and other skin conditions.

Aloe Vera is also known to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties, which allow skin ailments to heal while reducing risk of infection. Some aloe-based products are said to help soothe and dry up chicken pox as well. Aloe Vera can work as a natural anesthesia to reduce or alleviate pain caused by burns, cuts, and skin rashes. For severe sunburn and/or sun poison, Aloe Vera can cool the burning skin and speed up the healing process.