The Power of Touch and the Benefit of Scents

The etymology of the word massage can be traced back to the Greek word “massein” which loosely translated means “to knead”. In our hectic, fast paced lifestyle, the massage has become a thing of luxury and indulgence. However, in as far back as the ancient times and ancient civilizations of the Greeks, Persians and Chinese, the massage has been used a medicinal treatment for common ailments. It was mostly used though as preventive medicine and was given a sublime or spiritual association.

The wisdom of these ancient people should be incorporated into modern day perspective. The massage can very well be used in this age as a sort of preventive therapy. If one takes the time to trace relations between illnesses and its causes, one will notice that a lot of the modern day ailments that befall the modern individual are mostly due to stress and a hyper active lifestyle.

Regular massage will help one maintain a balance between a hectic life and a relaxed, stress free life. This way, instead of creating a tension between these two worlds, you can create harmony and balance. To enhance the experience of a massage further, aromatherapy can be incorporated into the massage. This can be done by using an aromatherapy massage oil during the massage session. This way, you are able to harness the power of touch combined with the benefits of aromatherapy.

Whatever massage technique is employed, whether it is Shiatsu, Swedish or a combination, the benefit of using an aromatherapy massage oil will double the beneficial results of your massage session.

However you must remember to acquire the assistance of qualified massage therapists because untrained individuals may cause more harm than good when it comes to practicing massage techniques. Once you have found a qualified professional, before starting the massage session, you must tell your therapist about what you want to achieve and give a personal history so that both of you can decide what best type of massage therapy will be best given your special personal situation.

Decide on which aromatherapy massage oil to use for your situation. For instance if you need an invigorating and relaxing massage, you might decide to use a rose blend for your aromatherapy massage oil. This blend consists of some sandalwood, rose and jasmine. Done properly, the use of this aromatherapy massage oil in your massage will do wonders for your mood and physical being.

You must remember though to plan the schedule of your massage appropriately, Although you can start your day with a massage using an aromatherapy massage oil, remember that you should not bathe at least 8 hours after your session to allow the aromatherapy massage oil to be fully absorbed by the body.

Going back to the use of aromatherapy massage oils, you should not be afraid to try and make your own blends. You will find recipes in books and online for aromatherapy massage oils, however, this should not limit you into using just these recipes. After you have gained a certain proficiency and knowledge about essential oils and their benefits, you can try experimenting to make your own perfect blend for an aromatherapy massage oil. This way, each experience can be unique and wonderful at the same time and personally suited to your needs.