Peppermint Oil Benefits and Uses

Today I’m mosting likely to speak with you regarding peppermint crucial oil and also it’s numerous advantages and also uses. There more than 1000 medical studies alone on pepper mint crucial oil that verify it assists your digestive system track, boosts breath, and fights cancer cells. What makes peppermint so effective is the compound in it called menthol, which helps in reducing inflammation and also serves as an antioxidant.
Among one of the most usual ways pepper mint oil is utilized is as a breath freshener in toothpaste. Various other methods it’s used is as a mouth wash, as an energy booster, to assist IBS and dripping intestine problems, to open up respiratory tracts for allergic reactions, asthma, or respiratory disease, and also boosts migraines. For more on peppermint oil, you could check out my post here:


HollywoodGirl #1 says:

I sit 8 hours a day at work/computer job and my back and arm muscles are always really inflamed and chronically sore. A couple weeks ago I just could not stand the pain so I went to a health good store and bought almond oil and peppermint oil as well we lemongrass oil. I went home and first rubbed some almond oil on my arms and then put 3 or 4 drops of peppermint oil and rubbed it into my sore muscles. Circular motions (you can youtube how to safely rub your own arms) I spent at least 5 mins on each arm and honest to God they felt better the next day and still feel better than they did. I would say make this a routine once a week to keep up the results. I had my husband do the same on my back and it helped immensely on my back as well! I have not used the lemongrass oil yet but it is supposed to be good for circulation.

Praised One says:

Dear Dr. Axe I love your educational videos and pray God rewards you for this good deed. I wanted to ask you if it is peppermint oil that you recommend or a peppermint tincture since I went to buy a peppermint oil from the Vitamin Shoppe and they told me the oil is not digestible and only topical and that I needed the tincture if wanting to add it to water and digest. Is that correct?

Destyni Xula says:

i use it for headaches and even just eating a regular peppermint helps with relief

PBJ Hug ! says:

Oh Awesome I will be getting a peppermint oil for my oil diffuser! Thanks for the help! (also I have been using your idea about the tooth paste its amazing it leaves my mouth fresh and lovely!)

Ian Brinkley says:

I just got some in my eye no fun

Gagandeep Sandhu says:

What a cutie

Yuki Yamamoto says:

i didn’t know you can consume essential oil, I know it’s oil but… got used to the normal way of using it

Alaina Protopapa says:

Yuki Yamamoto it depends on the essential oil you’re using

Yuki Yamamoto says:

i see~

1life 2live says:

I have never used essential oils. This is like a whole new world to me. Glad I found these videos!

Gigi Corona says:

peppermint oil helps kill lice as well!
it works wonders.

Roy J Weerasinghe says:

Thank you Dr. Axe , for valuable information.

Bella Muffin says:

I’m allergic to peppermint though… 😥😥😥😦😦😩😩

Inga 5555 says:

You WANT be Healthy – this info is Perfect 🙂

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Ronnie Pilgrim says:

An employee at Whole Foods said that you can not put this essential oil in your mouth. Is that true?

Ronnie Pilgrim says:

Yoseph rivera Can you even use the essential oil at the health food store that says external use only?

Myhealthycravings says:

Ronnie Pilgrim YL has a Vitality line of essential oils that are labeled as a dietary supplement and can be ingested.

eric campbell says:

Ronnie Pilgrim maybe because what they sell isn’t the same quality.

trentigalaxy says:

I don’t know, but there is a lady on YT who says essential oils are bad for your immune system. there are disinfectants, she claims, and can trivialize certain beneficial bacteria in the body, esp in the gut

sandra mooney says:

Ronnie Pilgrim

LifeisaGamble says:

I have mild asthma and I use peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil to help me breathe better it works just as good as an albuterol inhaler at least for me.

TİMUÇİN Nurgaliyev says:

Finally my life long asthma problem will be over

sharon chambers says:

TİMUÇİN Nurgaliyev sometimes peppermint oil can actually trigger asthma attacks…. it’s simply too strong for some asthmatics. And sometimes things like perfumes and especially fabreeze sprays can be life threatening!

Terrence LP says:

LifeisaGamble I have asthma too, I should give It a try 🙂

LifeisaGamble says:

Terrence Pachal yes! but the way I use it is to get a pan of boiling water and put a couple drops in of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil and then just breathe in the steam but make sure you close your eyes because it will burn really bad if you don’t.

DIPIN C says:

Dr it contain menthofuran ?is that dangerous
can I use it on my hairs for hair growth

Todd Sloan says:

TG, I just tried a few drops of McCormick pure pep extract in by licorice blend herb tea!

Cynthia O says:

My first homemade shampoo using Peppermint essential oils, Peppermint Castile soap
Organic Coconut milk! Fabulous! Hubby used it yesterday – he loved it. Thank you so much!

Schmidteren says:

ethereal or essential. Can you ingest both??

Athletic 101 says:

Schmidteren The etheral is too concentrated but can be used on candles to get benefits into the air so that when you inhale it you get the benefits. Hope that helps! 🙂

achurley says:

Love peppermint oil… thanks for the great info.

Dr. Josh Axe says:

You’re welcome +neato chick!

Inga 5555 says:

yes, me to 🙂

Eee Ccc says:

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Amy Campos says:

Awesome info. I swear by peppermint tea for my stomach woes, works every time. Going to get serious about essential oils. They will be my next level in health…..Thx Dr.Axe, Im learning so much from you. Im glad I stumbled across you on Google plus back in April, and recently on Facebook. I tell everyone about you. 

Michael Green says:

+Amy Campos thats what I am looking at. I have esophageal spasm. food gets stuck and I have to Vomit it back. Im being graphic so others seeing this clearly know what the symptoms are. I have acid reflux.and I SWEAR this is coming from the product High Fructose Corn Syrup in every dang thing. a product that came from the 90s “coke 2” and has spread into everything from jellys to bbq sauce to breads. I see there is no cure for the spasms. I will be eating, and the food gets stuck. Daily. After that, It will go down. I have had my passage opened a mess of times, and it doesnt help and dr’s I now see are hacks. NO ONE ever suggested spasms. No one. In 2015, its like we have to police ourselves because the police act like enemies more than helpers, we have to find our own cures because the doctors will watch us die, looking for profit, and we have to open our own businesses because companies are always looking to fire people and under pay.

Blood Dragon says:

what sort of benefits would I get if I use it as air freshener? (20 drops in spray bottle with water) will I not get benefits?

harika bandari says:

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xris s says:

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