Aromatherapy Humidifier Diffuser

What is an¬†aromatherapy humidifier [easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”B0118QC1BA” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”incomnoteb-20″ width=”500″], you may ask, let me explain. An aromatherapy humidifier effectively diffuses smells, bacteria and viruses and removes minute particles which the common air purifiers cannot remove. Aromatherapy humidifiers generates negative ions, which enhances the flow of oxygen to our body but more importantly, to our brain. Negative ions can dramatically improve our overall well-being, which as a result can reduce headaches, stress related problems. lt also improves our sleep and more importantly enhances our breathing. What an aromatherapy humidifier actually does is that it puts moisture into the air and is very useful in dry climates, it also purifies the surrounding air and removes minute particles.

Most aromatherapy humidifiers have a night lamp with color changing patterns. You can change the color and enjoy the soothing effects, while the aromatherapy mist is relaxing you.

The benefits of using an aromatherapy humidifier is bountiful, it is a gentle and relaxing way to enhance your surroundings and immediately brightens and lifts the mood of your home, work place or office.
The beauty of aromatherapy humidifiers is that they create a fine mist that allows a greater therapeutic value that protects the minute molecules of the essential oils , whereas an oil burner heats the essential oil and damages the molecules within the oil.

Always remember what you put into the air enters our lungs, so using good quality essential oils is essential as some cheaper essential oils can be tainted with synthetics and chemicals, so it is advisable to see an Aromatherapist to help guide you. Always use an aromatherapy humidifier or diffuser when you are using essential oils, if it is not designed to use essential oils, then it has no therapeutic value.

There are four types of essential oil humidifiers or diffusers, nebulizer, evaporative, ultrasonic and heat. The ultrasonic humidifier is generates a fine mist and sends out tiny particles of oil into the surrounding air. Usually you add water and both the oils and water expel into the air. A nebulizing diffuser uses the essential oil in a ‘neat’ form, no water is used, the oil is dispersed into minute molecules, because these molecules are so tiny the therapeutic qualities are far greater. The remaining two humidifiers do not have great therapeutic value so if you want an aromatherapy humidifier for therapeutic reasons, l suggest you look at the ultrasonic or nebulizing humidifiers.

Using aromatherapy humidifiers are an excellent way to effectively use essential oils and help treat health problems and enhance our mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy humidifiers, or diffusers as they are commonly called are of a high standard and a good one will meet your aromatherapy needs for many years. They allow you to diffuse essential oils for therapeutic activity and is most effective with cleaning and disinfecting our environment. This will enhance the therapeutic value of maintaining a healthy environment and also supporting our immune system.