Sweet and Savory Fat Bombs: 100 Delicious Treats, Ketogenic, Paleo, and Low-Carb Diets

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  • Sweet and Savory Fat Bombs 100 Delicious Treats for Fat Fasts, Ketogenic, Paleo, and Low Carb Diets
  • Download Sweet and Savory Fat Bombs: 100 Delicious Treats for Fat Fasts, Ketogenic, Paleo, and
  • Download Sweet and Savory Fat Bombs 100 Delicious Treats for Fat Fasts, Ketogenic, Paleo, and Low Ca
  • Download Sweet and Savory Fat Bombs: 100 Delicious Treats for Fat Fasts, Ketogenic, Paleo, and
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Get an energy boost that is high in fat, but low in protein and carbohydrates with Sweet and Mouthwatering Fat Bombs!

Learn to make 100 tasty and sweet treats perfect for fat fasts and boosting your fat consumption. These scrumptious, high fat treats are ideal for Low Calorie High Fat, Ketogenic, and Paleo diet plans, and are also a terrific alternative to sugary treats.

Usage Sweet and Savory Fat Bombs to assist shed those stubborn pounds, to fill you up in between meals, or to provide you an energy increase before your exercise. Fat bombs are ideal for improving your fat intake, as a minimum of 85% of the calories originate from fats.

These basic recipes include simple to find active ingredients, so you'll constantly have something tasty and high in fat to treat on!

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  • Flexibound: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Fair Winds Press; 1 edition (June 1, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1592337287
  • ISBN-13: 978-1592337286
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Customer Reviews

Mind officially blown!

82 people found this helpful.
 on May 28, 2016
By Fed Up With Liars
At first read, this looks like a bound collection of “50 shades of truffles and bonbons”, but the last chapter…oh, the LAST chapter…was worth the price of the book. Did you know you could make fat bombs out of SALMON, SARDINES, BACON+EGGS, and GUACAMOLE? I didn’t until now.

Get this fat bomb cookbook… you wont be disappointed!

66 people found this helpful.
 on May 30, 2016
By marybeth
Very comprehensive compilation of Fat Bombs. Love this cookbook. Initially begins with the KetoDiet in a nutshell. Moves to the What ingredients are involved, Why fat is involved – the beginner’s guide to getting started – the basics of keto ingredients. Excellent intro, a quick read…

Great for Keto

50 people found this helpful.
 on June 26, 2016
By rSquare
Switching to a ketogenic diet is a challenge, and this is one a couple cookbooks that have helped make the change easier. The recipes are quite simple, for the most part. If you are already eating a ketogenic diet, you will most likely have all the ingredients on hand. If not, I’m not sure why you ordered the book, but all the specialty ingredients can be found on Amazon or other online stores. In a pinch, some “natural” groceries will have the ingredients you need, at a significantly increased price. I have made about 12-15 different recipes in this book, and the most time consuming part for most of them is the time to cool or freeze. It has helped me be able to have a snack food, or a small meal if I am not hungry enough for a full on meal. It also is a huge help in getting the 70-80% fat calories. The recipes are easy enough to alter if there is a different taste you prefer, or want to try something a little different. When I first switched to keto, I wasted a lot of time and money making recipes I found online, and was convinced keto was impossible. After purchasing one other cookbook (Quick and Easy Ketogenic Recipes), then this one, I found so many easy recipes to help me maintain ketosis. I highly recommend this book!

A must have book for a Keto-dieter

44 people found this helpful.
 on June 1, 2016
By Dana
I love her app, I love her other books and this one didn’t disappoint! I started making the Orange Dream Smoothie and mixed it up and did ice pops with 1 batch and drank the second! I love the options for dairy-free, egg-free and nut free – along with suggestions for trading it out. I saw a review about the sweeteners used and these can all be optional!! I did the orange smoothie and forgot the sweetener – it tasted just fine! No reason you can’t use stevia…. Martina just happens to use Swerve and Erythritol – your choose – her recipes still kick butt!!

Easy to moderate recipes with decadent results!

4 people found this helpful.
 on October 18, 2016
By Goodies & Gadgets Mama
What a fantastic Keto cookbook! If you follow a ketogenic lifestyle like me, you know that fat bombs are an absolute imperative to stay on track & consume enough healthy fats per day.

Brilliant Book!

11 people found this helpful.
 on June 20, 2016
By 7 Bad Kitties
This is an amazing book! Great info, directions, pictures. Easy to follow. I’ve made about 12 of the recipes so far and they are all delicious. We are vegetarians, so some of the savory bombs I modify with vegetarian “meat” options. I am not a cook, but this book makes me look forward to creating these adorable fat bombs. I usually prepare 4-5 recipes on the weekend so we are set for the week ahead and beyond. I haven’t tried any of the liquid fat bombs yet, but they look yummy too. I did buy a silicon cake pop mold and wind up making 20 bombs where her recipe indicates it is for 16. The silicon mold makes it super easy for the Lemon Fat Bombs & Orange Fat Bombs. I think it’s really the beautiful, colorful pictures that inspired me to try so many of her recipes. Mine totally look just like the pictures! So much fun and everything tastes so incredibly good.

Helps get your macros on point and calorie totals up!

2 people found this helpful.
 on August 31, 2016
By Chainlink
I am incredibly pleased with the purchase of this book. The first several days of going keto/atkins-ish can be pretty rough. There’s only so many ways to dress up an egg, and I found myself using only a handful of ingredients (eggs, bacon, butter, cream cheese) along with too much protein to try and make my macro and calorie goals.

really great sweet and savory fat bombs

4 people found this helpful.
 on September 13, 2016
By Hey Dude
really good recipes out of this book so far, photography is good, wish they had photos for all of the recipes as the photos add a lot to the appeal of a recipe book. those eating low carb and paleo will appreciate this book. has nutritional information for each recipe. some are a bit more complicated than others. the prep times apply more for experienced cooks I think, takes me longer for all the recipes

Simple, good recipes

2 people found this helpful.
 on February 15, 2017
By AJDestin
I haven’t yet made all these recipes, but the ones I have tried so far have been really good. So far, I like the ham and cheddar one the best. A little advice in making some of these delicious recipes: Use a food processor. Don’t bother making them by hand or using a blender. You’ll save yourself some trouble and will get to enjoy these little globs of ketogenic goodness sooner. Be prepared for a little bit of a mess while making these too. Finally, you can just throw your food processor parts in the dishwasher and the cream cheese/butter/seasoning emulsion will be washed away. No need to soak.

Smart, Satisfying Recipes Made WITHOUT Caloric Sweeteners

5 people found this helpful.
 on September 4, 2016
By BigHeart
The biggest, best and most important reason I love this book is because author Martina Slajerova doesn’t use any caloric sweeteners in her fat bomb recipes. This puts her miles ahead and apart from other so-called sugar-free authors who rely on honey, maple syrup, agave syrup and other caloric sweetening agents. Instead, Slajerova uses erythritol, Swerve (an erythritol product) and liquid stevia as her sweetening agents, and even more — she demonstrates intelligence and restraint in her use of them. Erythritol is a fermented sugar alcohol, and one of the least objectionable alternative options. All of this is very good news for the recipe user.