The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Lose Weight NOW Using The Ketogenic Diet!

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Do something about it today and change your diet plan for unstoppable weight loss! Everyone understands that it's essential to take note of your diet – Yet most of us do not. In the busy world that we reside in, more often than not we do not put in the time to believe knowingly about exactly what we are taking into our bodies: quickly and processed foods, fatty meats, highly improved carbohydrates. This leads to a cholesterol level that can get out of control and often times to a big stubborn belly. Many people do not act to improve their health until they have concrete issues, such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart problem. You do not want to remain in this position. Do something about it and prevent yourself from suffering the repercussions later in your life – don't remain in response! Now is the time! If you are overweight and you already have among the issues – turn your health around! Fortunately it's not almost as frustrating as you 'd expect it to be. Even if your body mass index is in balance, the ketogenic diet will assist you to get rid of abdominal fat and look ripped and fit! In fact, the results you can accomplish by utilizing the ketogenic diet are wonderful!

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Customer Reviews

A Great Information Source on the Ketogenic Diet

37 people found this helpful.
 on June 10, 2014
By Cathy Wilson
Ketogenic Diet is a great wealth of information on all the ins and outs of the infamous Ketogenic diet. I happened to be an expert in the field and can say this book is a great introduction to an eating strategy that is often misunderstood.

very good book if you want to know about the ketogenic

 on March 20, 2017
By Beckie Bonnell
very good book if you want to know about the ketogenic diet

It works!

28 people found this helpful.
 on June 26, 2014
By Gaby Feldmann
I have had trouble losing weight for a long time – till a friend of mine recommended me to try the ketogenic diet. I searched on amazon for a concise guideline to give this kind of diet a shot – fortunately I found this book! Sarah Joy explains the essential basics of the ketogenic diet in a very supportive tone and I was so motivated to get started. After 3 weeks now I already lost 8 pounds, nearly solely belly fat! The recipes are easy to make and if you get used to this type of diet, really tasty. I recommend this one!

"Go for everything that grows above ground"

11 people found this helpful.
 on April 26, 2015
By carolaird
Ketogenic Diet is a book I can easily follow to good health. Finally a great read for diabetics as well as for those with normal glucose metabolism. “Go for everything that grows above ground and is leafy green,” is an advice I will try to follow from now on. The book explains the link between insulin and fat storage in both scientific and easy style, with bullet points and clear lists of foods to avoid. It explains what diabetes is and how to lower your chances of acquiring the disorder by adhering to a well-balanced diet. And of course, it is a life long method of sure weight loss/maintenance.

Lose weight with the ketogenic diet…

3 people found this helpful.
 on October 2, 2014
By Kindle Reviewer
If you are looking for a diet that will not only help you lose weight but is also one of the healthiest diets around, then this book has it all for you. I got this book out of curiosity for ketogenic diet. The book explains about what ketogenic diet is and how it can help with losing weight and achieving optimal health. A must read!

Very helpful and informative

3 people found this helpful.
 on October 1, 2014
By Brian Esp
This book gives a lot of helpful info on ketogenic diets. What I like the most is that it gives you a lot of the pros and cons of being in a ketogenic diet. It also covers some of the uses of Ketogenic diets for diabetics and that alone is well worth the price of the book.

Wonderful book- everything you need to get started!

5 people found this helpful.
 on June 3, 2014
By khall
This could be entitled Ketogenic Diet for Dummies 101. It was a great, simple read that hit the nail on the head. Very short book, which was nice! I’ve read Wheat Belly and Grain Brain which were more technical books, but good info for a nursing student like me. The keto way is the only way to go for our family. We’ve been eating this way for a week and the weight is literally falling off!

Excellent Book! Excellent Diet!

 on January 28, 2015
By Amazon Customer
For weight loss, there is nothing that works better than a Ketogenic diet. I know from experience. I have eaten this way for years and I am proof of the pudding, even if I don’t eat pudding. This is a wonderful book that will help many by following the author’s simple suggestions. I was interested in the hows and whys this particular diet works. I already knew that it worked. The book gives a thorough explanation of the ketogenic process and offers many simple recipes to get anyone started on their way to their perfect weight. Highly recommended!