I Released 60 Pounds! My Ketogentic Weigh-in Week 1 Fastest Weight Loss Ever

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Week 1 on The Keto Diet regimen! Ketogenic, Weight-in, Low Carb faves, #NoExcuseClub

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Trever Bull says:

A low-carbohydrate diet based on animal sources was associated with higher all-cause mortality in both men and women.
Prospective cohort study of women and men who were followed from 1980 (women) or 1986 (men) until 2006 on Low-carbohydrate diets. 85,168 women (aged 34 to 59 years at baseline) and 44,548 men (aged 40 to 75 years at baseline) without heart disease, cancer, or diabetes.
Animal based low-carbohydrate score was associated with higher all-cause mortality (pooled HR comparing extreme deciles, 1.23 [CI, 1.11 to 1.37]; P for trend = 0.051), cardiovascular mortality (corresponding HR, 1.14 [CI, 1.01 to 1.29]; P for trend = 0.029), and cancer mortality (corresponding HR, 1.28 [CI, 1.02 to 1.60]; P for trend = 0.089).

The Wise Bro says:

You have a great personality!! Love your videos!! SUBSCRIBED!! Sub back and check out my fitness journey!!! KEEP IT 100!!

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Marlon Haynes I subbed back! Thank you for watching! I checking out your channel! Thanks again!

Beers and Barbells says:

Thanks for subscribing to me! I subscribed to you!

Cina Getting Fit says:

+LCHF Body Builder Thank you so much!

Rafiz Sadique says:

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Cynthia Beaumont says:

Congrats on the weight loss!! I love your live weight in , that’s what I do. I never heard of this Keto diet. I just count calories.

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Cynthia Beaumont Thank you! I usually only weigh-in at the gym, but don;r want to video in the bathroom. I’m enjoying the keto lifestyle, I love being able to have foods I normally would avoid. I just subscribed to your channel!

My Twisted Life with Poetry says:

Just catching up on your journey, congratulations on your loss, no your release. You are so full of life, Iove it!

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Poetry’s Weight Loss and More Thank you so much! Thank you for watching I have to spend a day watching videos, I get so behind!

The Fit and Fabuless Mama says:

YEAH Cina!  Fantastic week on Keto!  Go girl!  You’ve got this!  60 lbs released is wonderful.  Happy birthday to the M&M twins! ~Lori

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Fit and Fabuless Mamas Thank you so much Lori!

Angel Sharum says:

Congrats on reaching that milestone again! I’m so happy for you. Glad the new plan is working great.

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Angel Sharum Thank you so much!

Radiant Jo Jo says:


Cina Getting Fit says:

+Radiant Jo Jo Thank you so much!

MochaNatural says:

Awesome!! Congrats on your progress!

Cina Getting Fit says:

+MochaNatural Thank you! I’m really enjoying this!

JameelahTV says:

Cina!!! You look great!!! I haven’t been posting videos lately but im still on this journey! Thank you for being such an inspiration! !

Cina Getting Fit says:

+JameelahTV Thank you so much! SO GLAD to hear from you! I happy your still on track please update soon!

The NewMe2015 says:

Sooo happy for you girl!!!! Congrats on the loss!!! I am 3 lbs away from hitting my first goal of 50lbs loss…so I am hoping come Aug. 9th on my weigh in I will have hit it!! We are really close in the weight too! I was 264 last weigh in on july 9th….need to hit 261…so keeping my fingers crossed … 🙂  My next goal after that will be hitting the 250 mark!!! Yay!! 🙂  So proud of you!!

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Dana H. I will send you my scale angel! LOL! You got this! Thank you a million!

The NewMe2015 says:

+Cina Getting Fit
 Thanks tons and you are welcome!

GetFitDiva says:

You go girl..on your loss. Happy bday boys

Cina Getting Fit says:

+simplemom16 Thank you! I will pass that on to the boys!

Rebeka Perez says:

You are doing awesome!! You look great!!

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Rebeka Perez Thank you! How is it going for you?

Rebeka Perez says:

It’s a battle girl but I’m not giving up that easy!!!😜💪🏼

SurvivorDietLady says:

OH BOOOOY!!!!! 5 pounds?????? are u even human? hahahaha no but seriously CONGRATS!!!! I can understand ur excitement and being emotional coz to us ladies our weightloss means so much more than just a number and still the number is what excites us so much coz its our reward! U are workin hard for wat u want and I applaud u for that! U must be doing it right. Superhappy for you sweetheart and keep goin, No excuse:-) much luv ,Kat

Cina Getting Fit says:

+SurvivorDietLady Thank you so much! I was not expecting over 5 pounds, that was a surprise! I really enjoy the change!

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Cina Getting Fit Hugs and Love back!

Penny R says:

Happy Birthday to the twins as well. 😜

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Penny R Thank you I will pass the message to them!

Penny R says:

Congratulations Cina … You are rocking it girl .

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Penny R Thank you Penny! I’m excited about the change!

Delmarshae Walker says:

Happy Birthday to your twins!!!! 5.2lbs that is a lot for 1 week, great work.

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Delmarshae Walker Thank you I will pass the message to the boys! Thank you I was so surprised 5.2 is way more then what I was expecting!!!! But that is why I never put a limit on my weight release because I never know what God has in store for me.

LifeWithUsTV says:

Congrats hunnie. I could see from the thumbnail that you had lost a good amount of weight. I’m so proud of you. Tell the twins happy birthday… momma they seek be just fine. Lol

Cina Getting Fit says:

+LifeWithUsTV Thank you so much! I will tell the boys and they made it home in two pieces. LOL!

Coopdizzle says:

Great job!! So happy for you!!

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Coopdizzle Thank you Coopdizzle! I hope you’re enjoying vacation!

Coopdizzle says:

+Cina Getting Fit We are. Going home today though =(

Gina Pearson says:

Thats awesome!! Are you on fitness pal? I’m MrsTur2014 if you are come find me, I want to follow you.

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Gina Pearson Thank you so much! I am on MFP! I will look you up!

Cina Getting Fit says:

+Gina Pearson I sent you a request on MFP!