Do Keto Diets Work?

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In this video I damage down the Pros and Cons of Keto diet regimens.


Pete Farrow says:

If anyone hits a plateau on the Keto diet badly described in this video…. it’s because they listened to this Video!!
Keto is moderate to low protein, with “moderate” reserved for people who are bothered to take it seriously and check their blood levels in relation to various states and points, and foods throughout their journey.
…I’ve even seen people chugging down protein shakes on a ketogenic diet because of miss information videos from body builders.
Protein shakes = high insulin = Zero ketone production. It’s not rocket science, it’s basic human physiology.

Carlos De la cerda III says:

do not listen to this guy

gary alvarado says:

I’ve heard that keto is less effective once you’ve reached a plateau and nearly stops working entirely once you’ve reached the 25% bf range, and that carb cycling is a better idea to preserve muscle and lose weight simultaneously. Any thoughts on this?

K-Zen Productions says:

gary alvarado Yes a refeed day a week or carb cycling. Take the carbs preferably after lifting weights.

Aztec Warrior says:

work out … plain and simple

TREX LEX says:


Lydell Sumner says:

My question is, will I lose muscle on this diet?

Christopher White says:

Is his skin falling off his bicep?

lexi terrill says:

Can I do Keto with no gallbladder…

mindbender29 says:

I do.

99_cobra_vert says:

lexi terrill Listen to keto talk, a podcast by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Nelly, they explain everything in detail. You will answer all of your questions regarding the ketogenic diet.

RonPaulorNo1 says:

I couldn’t agree with you more. I am about to start the keto diet myself, and read all about the keto “fever” people get. I took this info and figured that a gradual drop in carbs would help this. I have been lowering my carb and sugar intake for about a month now before the diet starts.

Ryan Johnson says:

RonPaulorNo1 a gradual stepdown in carbs is unnecessary. the keto flu is 100% avoidable. Just make sure your getting in enough fat and electrolytes (sodium, magnesium and potassium). Check out r/keto on reddit (faq in particular)

Brandon S says:

My experience with Keto has been different than stated. Tons of energy (after adaptation), hand held body fat meter went from 15% to 6.7% (not saying I believe that number but the relative difference) while eating 2200 calories of delicious food with a carb day every other weekend, my strength is actually up, and I’m more shredded than I’ve ever been in my life. Maybe keto isn’t for everyone but I’ve tried every other macro split under the sun and never had anything even similar in results. And yes I’ve been very strict on nutrition for years. Those results were in four months. Yes there were plateaus where I stayed the same for a week but then all the sudden I would lose a bunch at one time without doing anything different. Like my body would decide to dump fat in spurts, not completely steadily.

Brandon S says:

and my split is 75%f/20%p/5%c

mjshaheed says:

Hey Brandon, I was going to ask for your macro split but you had already did. Thank you so much for giving it out. I am a 36 year old male with more than 20% of bf. I am 5.8 tall and and weigh 74kg(163 pounds). Do you think I will be able to build some muscle with the 75,20,5 macro split? I am planning to start from 1450 calories and increase it by 100 every week until I reach around 2200 calories and maintain it. Do you think this approach is good? Thanks a bunch. And last, my goal is to lose fat and build some muscle along the way.

Brandon S says:

mjshaheed You can absolutely build muscle on Keto but you will need to be in a caloric surplus to do it. If you take your weight in pounds and multiply it by 15 that will give you a good starting point for muscle gain without too much fat gain. (For example 163×15 = 2445 calories per day) Everyone is different though and you may need more or less. And yes a 75/20/5 split should still work but again everyone is different.

Brandon S says:

To add to my previous comment, if you are 20% body fat then you may want to cut before you even worry about adding more lean mass. You might be surprised how much muscle you have hiding under there. If you want to cut then do your weight (in pounds) x 12 and that will give you your daily caloric allowance. Please go check out Jason Wittrock’s youtube channel. He has an excellent guide for sale that can answer all of your questions. He is also affiliated with and EAS MYO. His website is ketocycle

Hugo Giuliano I.S.F. says:

I agree 100% but carbs contain glycogen and it’s the primary energy source and it can be slightly dangerous for some people.

ak47ava .dman says:

for some you are right, but you gotta keep your fat lvl really high bro.

Josh Waters says:

Look into Dr. D’Agostino or Dr. Leech, they talk about keto from a medical perspective. Keto diet really started with people who had epilepsy. And then with people with cancer. Several studies have shown that people who are in ketosis function fine and have energy just the same but from ketones. Body running on ketones is the natural way and the body functions just fine.

driestrumncoke says:

my keto comment. im down 97 pounds in 5 n 1/2 months. every 2 weeks i eat whatever for one day. some call it re-feed. i still try to stay away from sugar. im doing great. maybe not for everyone….its the easiest diet ive ever been on! and yes 97 in five plus months.

TREX LEX says:

Great job dude .Keep on you are SUPERMAN.

Dewey Layman, Jr. says:

So he clearly doesn’t understand what a keto diet is as much as he thinks he does. He likens it to the Atkins diet and they are totally not the same. He thinks a keto diet is high protein and high fat. A keto diet is 75%fat, 20%protein, 5% net carbs. And people hit plateaus all the time. You just gotta stick with you are doing and be patient. Not drop calories. Having fat is hormone issue not a caloric one.

Josh Waters says:

Yep! Layne Norton breaks it down accurately in stating that keto isn’t a typical “low carb high protein” diet. And technically keto diet isn’t for weight loss. It’s a holistic diet, notably for cancer patients and people with epilepsy. I have inflammation issues due to an injury. Keto helps me with that. Have rarer inflammation flare ups on keto than when I am not on it and eating carbs. Keto works for me.

Brad Scoble says:

Dewey Layman, Jr. I agree. I stopped watching.

Ethan Porter says:

paul c it seems like most keto detractors aren’t fully aware of the “rules” of keto and are usually grossly muscular

Dewey Layman, Jr. says:

Grossly muscular because of other substances they put in their body. You arent going to convince anybody that this guys veins are naturally occuring. no doubt he probably trains intense and im not saying if you take steroids, youll get big, but thats why these “detractors” are “grossly muscular”. you can be muscular doing almost any diet IF your body does what its suppose to do which is secrete enough insulin, but if somebody eats a lot of carbs and sugar and doesnt make enough insulin, that person will gain unwanted weight. The keto diet is the best for making sure that a person would never have to worry about that because they dont eat any carbs and sugar AAAAND you can gain muscle. Especially if you actually eat the amount you are suppose to eat.

Ingrid says:

Totally not an expert, but “grossly muscular” people sound like the kind of people who’d be terrified of giving up protein.

Brett Morgan says:

Jeff Voleks well formulated keto diet is still 20g of carbs, seems small but thats quite a lot of veggies, leafy greens atleast.The keto diet sounds like no carbs which it really isn’t, I keep hearing it’s dependant on how insulin sensitive you are, good presentation though, thanks!

Teacup_lifter says:

if you drop all of your carbs where does your body burn energy from?

GODSGIFT2780 says:

he said it in the video just watch it

Vanderson Pacheco says:

From god…


Ols from fat

Xochil Silva says:

Ols where you not listening?..from FAT

Josh Waters says:

If your are in ketosis your body runs on ketones. But you have to be in full blown ketosis (measuring your ketone levels is key) Look in Dr. D’Agostino or Dr. Leech or even Ben Greenfield where they discuss ketosis and your body getting energy from ketones.

Ken R says:

Edit: If there aren’t any deals in place, I retract my statement and maybe GNC needs to fix the wording of their ads.

7IRAM says:

Ken R are you dumb!?

Alex M says:

There was no exclusivity deal. I don’t know where you got your info.

Ken R says:

Alex M look at the GNC website. it literally covered with “jym GNC exclusive” and “Exclusive JYM Headquarters”

Alex M says:

They are the exclusive RETAIL seller. Not exclusive online dealer.

Ken R says:

Alex M ah, that would make sense. thanks

jermaine williams says:

great video. would you recommend your 5-3-2 program for fat loss?

Jim Stoppani says:

jermaine williams Could with my diet 101 and cardio acceleration

jermaine williams says:

Great thanks!