Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

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In today’s video, I’m going to show you the advantages of a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diet plans can in fact assist weight management, cancer cells, or even Alzheimer’s illness. When you get on a ketogenic diet plan, it indicates you are placing your body into a state of ketosis, which implies your body is melting fat for power instead of carbs. The ketogenic diet regimen can be the most effective diet regimen for weight loss, however I don’t believe anyone needs to get on this diet regimen for more than 3-6 months. The reason why this diet functions so successfully is your body quits eating sugar as well as starts shedding your fat. The diet contains about 80% fats, 10% carbohydrates, and 10% healthy protein.

The ketogenic for cancer cells: The cancer cells have no sugar to feed off of, so they obtain starved to fatality. This is why the ketogenic diet plan is great for cancer cells clients.

The ketogenic for weight reduction: Your body starts shedding it’s own fat for energy 24/7 which shaves off fat more rapidly than other diet regimens.
The ketogenic diet regimen for Alzheimer’s disease: You have to support the brain nerve system with healthy and balanced fats. Your body in a state ketosis is vital for the brain and also the all-natural therapy of Alzheimer’s condition.

While on the ketogenic diet plan, you want three kinds of healthy fats: healthy saturated fats, omega 3 fatty acids, as well as omega 9 fats. For much more on the ketogenic diet regimen, you could have a look at this write-up:


Fit Helena says:

What’s wrong with getting carbs from cruciferous vegetables instead of starch?

SurraDeBunda says:

Agree with benefits of keto diets but… LOL @ your emphasis of being a “female medical doctor” at 3:00 as if it is an anomaly for a woman to be a doctor or somehow strengthens your argument.

John M says:

if you should only stay on this ‘ diet’ ( in my opinion not a diet but a lifestyle), then why are newborn babies already in ketosis?

primrozie says:

Would this be a good diet for diabetics? Especially if weight loss is necessary?

Russel Keith says:

this may sound stupid but how do I know that i’m on the keto state?

P Junhee says:

you can get blood test and check if your keton is active

P Junhee says:

+P Junhee *ketone

Aria Targaryen says:

Can this work as a pescatarian? I have diverticulosis and have to eat low fiber so wanna try it but can it work without other meat except fish?

Dede Vaughn says:

I’m 54, postmenopausal, of course, and I’ve lost 170lbs. I’ve been obese since puberty. I had PCOS. I got to goal and, unfortunately, I didn’t stay eating well. I have a sugar addiction and once I let myself have some, I binged for almost 2 months and gained 10lbs and appears to be all in my stomach. will this diet target the fattest area? I’m super thin through the hips and legs, but have fat deposited on my stomach pad.

Kevy Williams says:

guys ignorant…dairy causes cancer…

virgorouge says:

Oxygen kills cancer cells. Green foods that are raw, and a lot of fresh air will help to kill cancer. Cancer cells can not survive in an anaerobic state. I believe in the RAW Ketogenic diet. Thank you for this helpful and informative video!

ॐ Jordan Gould says:

The ketogenic diet is also a very effective treatment for Anxiety and Depression.

LVNCSR says:

I started eating ketogenic diet this week. Started taking wheatgrass yesterday. Having rapid heart beats. Woke up at 3am with rapid heart beats. Having them now, when I sit up or when I lie down. Help?????

Aiko Satin says:

Take MAGNESIUM tablets…No more than 400mg a day 😉

Yusuf Paiman says:

very intelligent guy!! (liked and subbed)

Enigma Cipher says:

Is the ketogenic diet effective for the treatment of candida? Seems like it would be since they can only function on glucose which we drastically reduce to reach ketosis.

Blue Balls says:

Enigma Cipher yes!!!!! cured my extreme over production of candida within a month or less of keto… amazing for candida induced brain fog

Nature Boy says:

If your dietary fats are in the range of 60-80% of daily calories, wouldn’t you just burn the dietary fats not your own? Wouldn’t you still need a caloric deficit to burn your own body fat to lose Weight?

ming sun says:

why should.this diet not be lifelong and only 3-6 month?

El Payaso No Tiene Pene says:

+Brian Demarest whatever you say Brian Dumbass. You have nothing intelligent to say

Brian Demarest says:

+El Payaso No Tiene Pene – let me explain, High good fat is good for you. We evolved to eat this way. Any other diet is bullshit. It’s bullshit in that it fails for weight, fat, energy, and the brain.

Let me know what part you don’t get.

Jetthead18 says:

Matt Rusin he said at the end, the body needs carbohydrate to sustain (I’m paraphrasing). Watch the end of the video

Brian Demarest says:

+Jetthead18 – But it’s silly. Non-fibrous carbs are unessential. They serve no essential purpose.

Rob OBrien says:

Can this be done as a vegetarian? I looked at your website, but I need to know what to eat instead of meat.

Dr. Josh Axe says:

+Rob OBrien Yes you can get your protein in many other forms.

Rob OBrien says:

Cool, thanks. I will continue to research. Did I read somewhere that you went to Palmer?

VibeRadiant says:

+Rob OBrien – eggs, fish, dairy. Vegan? SOL.

Riaan De Winnaar says:

If you are worried about health rather cut out dairy. If your eating vegetables you’ll loose weight naturally and be healthy.

Trà Võ says:

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Pancho says:

Doc is Ketogenic diet good choice to get rid of last bit of love handles/belly ?Im one of that case i only keep ahving stubborn fat stored in that area but im rather skinny on the rest of the body.Thanks

Andrew Gulick says:

hmmm … Let’s see, I ask you a question and you don’t answer it but rather, ask me a question. I think that you expect more out of me than you want to put forth yourself. I think that I will reserve answering your question until you first answer mine. So, the order goes like this; first, you answer my question, then second, I will answer your question.

Mind-land Hopping says:

+Andrew Gulick Sorry if I don’t read too deeply when comments are ripe with ignorance and trollisms, I can’t be bothered frankly, so if I missed a question put it first in your comment next time.

Andrew Gulick says:

You are fantastic at calling people names and putting them in a category of being a troll. It was you that intervened into a conversation between me and another person. I wasn’t even talking to you as I had already told you, when you interjected yourself. and then you continued responding anyway. If you have any inclination of answering the question you can scroll up and read it, as I will have to do with your question, after you answer it. As far as you can’t be bothered, you were the one that bothered to interject into my conversation with another person. So, don’t tell me that you can’t be bothered when in fact, you have already been bothering me.

Andrew Gulick says:

+Mind-land Hopping but, I will ask a question from the response that I just finished responding to. What is it that I am ripe with ignorance of?

Mind-land Hopping says:

+Andrew Gulick So where’s your question lol. Ignorant of even more now.

justchillinxo says:

i’d love to see a video on easing pms

justchillinxo says:

+JustinLodes do you eat meat or eggs at all?

JustinLodes says:

+justchillinxo no, never nor do I eat dairy

Brian Demarest says:

+Mr Slade I live with three bleeders and they all go off at the same time.

Brian Demarest says:

+JustinLodes – Now I understand, a vegan cultist. OK, so, no, you don’t have any science to back you. Keto has at least 100 randomized controlled studies, the gold standard for studies, that back it up. It’s not pseudoscience backed by the meat industry, these are university studies. Educate yourself at least a little before spouting off.

Laxman Kumbhar says:

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Deborah Hopper says:

Thank you.

Dr. Josh Axe says:

+Deborah Hopper You’re welcome!

Keto Coach says:

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EABOY2600 says:

+Dr. Josh Axe I did this in 2013 it’s a awesome diet Dr. it really works, I’m actually about to start it again to take some more off.