3 Tips to Getting Started on the Ketogenic Diet

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Don’t begin your ketogenic diet plan yet! First, you need to enjoy this video from Dr. Brett Osborn, “Three Tips to Getting Begun on a Ketogenic Diet regimen”.

Learn exactly how promptly you need to change your body into ketosis, just what creates the keto flu and the distinction in between a ketogenic diet and a totally low-carb diet. The ketogenic diet plan could be an unbelievable weight loss tool, however just if you go about it the right way! View this video to discover the essentials and set yourself for success.

Dr. Brett Osborn is a board-certified neurosurgeon, nutrition specialist as well as BPI Sports’ expert.


JXFilms says:

thanks for bs advice!!! Even though we can get in a good shape with carbs and also carbs provide with great energy, let’s cut out all that because…health reasons?

JXFilms says:

Let’s see where that gets people in the long run:). Btw don’t talk about preaching to others while this motherfucker shoves ads upon ads to me and a bunch others about a shitty diet that gets you results fast but that don’t turn out so well later for your overall well being and fitness, just saying…

Crissy says:

I was in a keto diet for a little over 10 days. I was doing well and then had three days of a relapse into carbs. have I totally undone everything? I feel kinda bad about it. I also made myself sick and ended up throwing up the cherry coke I drank. is that normal?

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The Platypus says:


clutchplayer19 says:

Thanks for the info doc-
I used to take and have since discontinued a supplement, M-Drive. Is this ‘allowed’ in this diet. I don’t see carbs or sugars in the ingredients

jgyrwa says:

Good to know.

Black Bear says:

Great info.

Vishal Jamwal says:

from where I should buy the bpi supplement

HospitalmanMikey says:

what supplement are you talking about? This video is just about the Keto Diet.

Vishal Jamwal says:

from where I should buy the bpi supplement

Vishal Jamwal says:

and what supplement product should I use to loosen wt. + lean muscular body along with a rock hard core? I hope that I will get the answer through a video or as a text…..

Vishal Jamwal says:

why should we need it

Vishal Jamwal says:

what diet it is ketosis

Jeff Barboni says:

spot on info

Jeff Barboni says:

way 2 go , spot info

Oscar Hernandez says: