Military Energy Gum (MEG) – Spearmint – Tray (24 packs – 5pcs/pk) 100mg caffeine/pc – Military Specification Formula

The United States Military researched and also tested for 6 years to help quit tiredness relevant injuries and also deaths. The outcome, MILITARY ENERGY GUM, is currently available openly. Soldiers no more need to resort to consuming freeze dried coffee premises in the area to maintain sharp. Military Energy Gum is an efficient as well as effective device for dealing with issues that have actually caused injuries and also deaths among soldiers. Not only does Military Energy Gum reduce crashes, but it boosts soldier performance. Professional studies have actually confirmed boosted physical and cognitive efficiency along with boosted marksmanship and total watchfulness under rest deprived conditions. Military Energy Gum is shown to offer one of the most quick absorption of caffeine with the oral membrane layer in the mouth, while likewise being the most compact, lightweight, as well as hassle-free technique of shipment. Army Energy Gum reduces mishaps, enhances efficiency and also saves lives.