Military Energy Gum (MEG) – Spearmint – Tray (24 packs – 5pcs/pk) 100mg caffeine/pc – Military Specification Formula

  • Details MILITARY ENERGY GUM (MEG) – Military Spec Formula – Used in Military Rations – A Top
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The United States Military researched and also tested for 6 years to help quit tiredness relevant injuries and also deaths. The outcome, MILITARY ENERGY GUM, is currently available openly. Soldiers no more need to resort to consuming freeze dried coffee premises in the area to maintain sharp. Military Energy Gum is an efficient as well as effective device for dealing with issues that have actually caused injuries and also deaths among soldiers. Not only does Military Energy Gum reduce crashes, but it boosts soldier performance. Professional studies have actually confirmed boosted physical and cognitive efficiency along with boosted marksmanship and total watchfulness under rest deprived conditions. Military Energy Gum is shown to offer one of the most quick absorption of caffeine with the oral membrane layer in the mouth, while likewise being the most compact, lightweight, as well as hassle-free technique of shipment. Army Energy Gum reduces mishaps, enhances efficiency and also saves lives.

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Customer Reviews

Great Caffeine Source

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 on January 19, 2010
By J.C.
I’m the type of person who uses caffeine as a drug to stay focused. My friend, who was former military, gave me a pack of these to try. Let me just say that the military money gets results! This was fact acting, small, and cheap. It works out to about $0.25 a cup of coffee- each gum has 100mg caffeine (5 pieces per packet, 24 packs per box). This destroys any other caffeinated products I’ve ever tried- it beats coffee for price and ease of use. It beats jolt gum cause it has 6x the amount of caffeine jolt does. It beats energy drinks because they are so expensive and loaded with TONS of sugar. These things are extremely portable- just carry in your pocket (they were meant for military!). Great for law enforcement to have in the war bag to stay awake in the field when you are stuck on a call or stakeout. A friend who is in vet school loves these cause they have to stay alert and study so much. To be honest, you don’t buy stuff like this for taste. The first minute of these things you just taste the sugar and flavoring, but after that the bitter taste of the caffeine starts to be come apparent. The taste comes out slowly at first, and never completely overpowering, but anyone chewing this just to enjoy gum, and not as a tool to stay awake, would never chose this gum over any other gum in the world for flavor. That being said, the taste isn’t terrible. I’ve had all 5 flavors. The Cinnamon is the worst, and unless you are a fan of big red or gum like that I would avoid it (I don’t like Cinnamon flavor). IMO, the Spearmint flavor tastes the best at first (only slightly better than Arctic Mint), but then the caffeine is more noticeable with Spearmint in the end than with Arctic Mint flavor. Overall, if you are going for the best overall flavor experience I chose Arctic Mint. I cannot recommend these enough.

Hooked for Life!

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 on April 4, 2016
By Sonya Rose
I am hooked on this gum for life! I don’t even know how it happened … How I landed here to buy this gum, but I did and I couldn’t be happier! It’s like my Angel led me here!

Ships fast! Better than 5 hour energy!

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 on March 27, 2017
By AmazonWhisperer
Ok so…take the episode on Saved by the Bell where Jessie Spano has a bad experience with caffeine pills and erase all the negative!!! This gum works. I get so sick of drinking tons of fluid to get energy or having to eat for glucose or to just wake up! This obviously saves me from stopping and eating and/or filling my gut up with disgusting 5 hour energy which just loves to aggravate my kidneys! U want the pep without an uncontrolled ingested pill and liquids that bloat you, GET THIS GUM OMG! Talk about an excellent pre-workout buddy! You chew a piece of gum with one or two Viter Energy mints and together you feel like unicorns and sunshine :D!

The Taste Isn’t For Everyone, That’s Fine…More For Me!

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 on May 12, 2015
By Ryan
I’ve purchased this before, in smaller quantities, the sample size, which I highly recommend the first time you try this. Having said that, I have elevated this to be a staple in my life now. I won’t ever be without it.

This is great!

 on March 29, 2017
By Emily
Found these by accident searching for something else. I do not drink coffee and am limiting my red bull intake. I get tired and lose focus easily while working on my Master’s program. It could all be a placebo effect, but I feel like when I chew this I am typing for longer and focusing on what I need to do instead of losing concentration and thinking about other things. Even if it’s a placebo effect, hey, whatever works.

Works great and keeps you awake.

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 on January 4, 2017
By Flapjack
This stuff is for real and works great. I’m a Firefighter/EMT and chew this gum on shift when I feel tired. It keeps me awake and alert when I need to be, and without the extra junk that energy drinks contain.This gum is just straight up caffeine delivered exactly where it can be absorbed best. Instead of drinking coffee or energy drinks which make you have to pee later, MEG does the job without any undesirable effects. Totally worth it in my opinion, and costs much less than other energy supplements or drinks and yet works equally as good.

Uh it definitely works…

 on June 9, 2017
By Brown
Uh it definitely works… They don’t taste all that great after a couple minutes and it tingles a bit but the caffeine is certainly present. Just one gets you what you need. Not super jittery but definitely UP. I’m chewing one write now. Makes you feel like a bear that has the strength of two bears… just kidding…

Good product and works as described

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 on January 27, 2016
By C. Riley
I like this product, sublingual absorption of caffeine in a gum product is a great substitute for energy drinks and much more “clean” than also ingesting the laundry list of questionable substances whose safety and efficacy is not evaluated under any standard.

Gum Review

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 on September 25, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I love this gum It tastes great from the beginning it tastes like spearmint then a few minutes later the bitter flavor kicks in for my personal taste it wasn’t too overly bitter I actually chewed the gum for like 3-4 hours and it tasted like spearmint through that timeframe expect for the short bitter caffeine flavor which for me was minuscule considering that I drink black coffee daily and am used to bitter flavors. As for the “Caffeine Buzz” I didn’t feel much but depending on the reader of this review may be different due to varying factors, but for me was due to daily caffeine usage which was between 2-4 cups of black coffee. I tried to be as honest as possible in this review but be warned that depending on who you are this gum may be offensive to your taste buds or make you too jittery or not have much effect at all. All in all this is a great gum that should be tried for substituting it for coffee.

This is a great product. So easy to carry around and take …

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 on January 5, 2015
By B. Arkin
This is a great product. So easy to carry around and take for some extra energy. I always keep a pack in my car, my office and my house. Its nice to get the quick pick me up without having to chug a big drink and coffee doesn’t agree with me so this is a great option. Its true the flavor isnt that great but at the same time its not bad at all. In the beginning it taste like normal gum but then after about 5-10 min the taste fades out and its a little like chewing rubber but you’re only supposed to chew it for less than 15 min anyway. Dont expect it to be the same as typical gum you chew for pleasure. The first time i chewed it it bothered me a little but now i dont even think twice about it and it doesn’t bother me at all, especially considering the benefit. Now i always carry an extra pack with me when im going out for the night incase a friend needs a little pick me up driving home or whatever. I find i give a bunch out to friends and co-workers