Ddrops Baby 400 IU, Vitamin D, 90 drops 2.5mL (0.08 fl.oz)

  • Ddrops Baby 400 IU Vitamin D 90 drops 2.5mL 0.08 fl.oz
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Child Ddrops 400 IU is particularly designed to sustain breast-fed infants. One purified decrease of Baby Ddrops has 400 IU of vitamin D ₃, without any other chemicals, nor ingredients. The one drop could be easliy included in food or beverage, or removed any kind of clean surface area (i.e spoon). The current American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also specifies that babies and kids, including teens who do not get 400 IU/day of vitamin D as a result of fortified milk (100 IU per 250mL offering) or with vitamin D-fortified foods (such as prepared grains, eggs, fish) ought to obtain a vitamin D supplement of 400IU/day.


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Customer Reviews

So much better than Enfamil

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 on September 11, 2013
By Blake
We got this to replace the Enfamil D-Vi-Sol product that is the standard you get at a pharmacy and it is perfect. The Enfamil stuff is junk, just read the ingredient list and ask yourself why a newborn cares what color it is, what flavor it has and why the number one ingredient is glycerol, basically fake sugar. Now the Ddops just has one thing other than the vitamin D, it uses refined coconut oil as the solution to put the vitamin in instead of glycerol. Nothing else, no fake color or flavoring, no ploysorbate 80 whatever that is, just coconut oil and Vitamin D. And you just need one drop, not a huge eye dropper full to the brim.

Vitamin D drops with no additives

 on August 9, 2017
By Meg R
My pediatrician recommended we start our son on vitamin d drops. I carefully research everything we give our son, and this was no different. I was happy to find that these contain only fractionated coconut oil- no additives, which is a huge plus. My baby doesn’t seem to mind the taste at all. The only thing I don’t love is that the dropper takes a long time to release drops. If you’re breastfeeding a squirmy baby, it’s super difficult to hold the bottle upside down for 10 seconds, aim it onto your breast, all while holding a baby that wants to eat. I started giving the drops to my baby on a spoon, it is so much easier to control and I can be certain that the entire drop is going into his mouth.

Good option

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 on May 6, 2015
By grimey
If you have to give Vit D to your baby, these are a good option. The only complaint i have is that to get the one drop out, you have to tilt the bottle and wait for it to drop out into your baby’s mouth. If the baby is fussy, it can be a challenge. It would be nice if there was a dropper where you could manually drop it yourself. You can also put a drop on your nipple if you’re nursing…but sometimes my fussy baby wipes their face or it drips down before my baby can get latched on. The enfamil option requires more liquid to be administered to your baby. I haven’t tried that one, but seems like the less liquid the better. The baby doesn’t even notice or taste this single drop.

It drops too fast

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 on May 15, 2017
By ukume023
I like the idea of one drop each time without touching the baby and washing the tube, however I found it’s very easy to get a second drop right after the first one come off, which may result in overdose of vitamin D. Wish they improve the design

Happy to know its only coconut oil and the vitamin …

 on November 3, 2016
By T. Le
I bought this because my pharmacy had a recall on their vitamin D supplement my pediatrician prescribed for my baby. That made me wonder what went into the vitamin besides the vitamin itself so I did some research and came across this product. Happy to know its only coconut oil and the vitamin supplement. My baby doesn’t mind ingesting it as it is tasteless (tried it myself). The bottle is shaped similar to an essential oil bottle where it drops one droplet at a time.


 on June 24, 2016
By Stephanie
Our ped recommended supplementing breastfeeding with vitamin d drops since im EBF. We were given a sample of the enfamil drops but after using them a few times I noticed the had artificial flavors in it. Not to mention that he hated the flavor and having to take a syringe full of it. I was so excited to find these d drops, no artificial ingredients and he only needs one drop! It’s so easy to get him his vitamin d now. You can mix with a bottle but I put a drop on my nipple before feeding him and he doesn’t know the difference

Vitamin D that doesn’t make my son throw up!

 on November 11, 2014
By Kitt3n
Such a relief to have found a vitamin D supplement that doesn’t make my infant son immediately throw up the entire contents of his stomach! I wish the pediatricians would recommend this stuff instead of the Di-Vi-Sol. That stuff has a horrible fake cherry flavor (I tried it because my son kept making a face taking it). I had to give it to him in the bath because 1)It would stain anything it got on, and 2)He would end up throwing up through his nose and mouth after taking it. This stuff, I put 1 drop on my nipple before feeding him and he never notices he’s taking it. He’s never thrown up from taking it and I know he’s getting the same vitamins his doctor recommends. I made sure to ask my ped if it would be a good substitute and he saw no issue with it.

Like that it’s only one drop

 on February 27, 2014
By laceyvl1
I love that these are only one drop and doesn’t have a taste. I even tasted a drop to make sure 🙂

The drops often come out 2 at a time which …

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 on March 31, 2017
By great buys
The drops often come out 2 at a time which is only aggravating considering that essentially comes out to being a bottle for 45 days and not a bottle for 90 day use. Other than that it doesnt bother me much but still frustrating.