Breaking the Food Seduction: The Hidden Reasons Behind Food Cravings—And 7 Steps to End Them Naturally

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Cure Your Food Cravings At last

If sweets and high-fat foods are undermining your initiatives to drop weight and get healthy and balanced, Dr. Neal Barnard has the option to conquering your food addictions. Backed up by scientific study, Breaking the Food Seduction clarifies that your biochemistry, not your absence of self-control, is the issue. Dr. Barnard discloses the basic nutritional and way of life adjustments that can break the persistent cycle of desires and also make you free to select healthy and balanced and yummy foods that can help to you lose weight, reduced cholesterol, and enhance your total health and wellness.

Showcasing a 3-week kickstart strategy as well as 100 delicious, rewarding recipes

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Customer Reviews

I recommend this book to anyone who is starting to feel …

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 on November 15, 2015
By HomePlace
I ordered this book a long time ago and just never got around to reading it until recently. Boy, I wish I had read it earlier. After developing a number of health conditions (e.g.,joint pains, acid reflux, sleeping difficulties, chronic tiredness, frequent UTIs), I happened to read this book and started following the most of the advice given by Neal D. Barnard. It has made a real difference in the way I feel. I recommend this book to anyone who is starting to feel old beyond his/her age. I would have given it 5 stars but I felt it was could have had more suggestions for those who lead a busy life and don’t have time to spend so much time in the kitchen. I didn’t follow the advice completely, “falling off the wagon”, so to speak, on special occasions, but the modifications I made to my eating habits still helped so much.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough

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 on January 23, 2016
By knittingjeweler
This low rating is not because of the books content. It is great. However it is due to my kindle version. I got to a certain point in the book and the section just keeps repeating over and over. I can go no farther in the book. I am very disappointed. I have never had a problem with my kindle like this. I don’t know what to do.

This book hit home for me

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 on August 15, 2011
By Lisa M. Trafton
I’ve always struggled with sugary treat addiction! Cakes, cookies, ice cream and chocolate goodies. Not eating because I was hungry but for entertainment instead. I would trick myself into thinking I could have just a couple of cookies or one piece of cake and work it off later . . . . three cookies turned into a dozen. A piece of cake turned into half a cake. Then I didn’t feel like working out later but instead have some more cake or make more cookies. Spiral down from there . . . . till I gained 20-25 lbs and had to buy new pants. After a few months I would feel disgusted with myself and go on a diet and work out obsessively until I lost some weight. Then the cycle would start again. Now that I’ve lost a few lbs I can have some cookies again. Aaaaahhh!!!!!! NO!!! What I learned in this book is how these things effect the brain and it’s nothing to do with will power. Why tease myself with trying to have just a little of a treat which affected my body like a drug? Don’t eat it at all and you won’t crave it! I have been eating all the fruits, vegetables and complex carbs I want and feel full and satisfied. And, losing weight! It is so easy to maintain and lose weight just by not eating those sugary treats at all. It’s like a weight has lifted from my shoulders. Especially when I think about how those foods made me feel after eating them. Guilty as hell and depressed only to eat more of it and continue the vicious cycle. This book has helped me tremendously and also provides some great recipes in the back!

This diet works.

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 on February 2, 2012
By M. Lester
I have read this book and tried this diet and found it works for me. I am a sugaraholic and by eating high fiber whole grain plant based foods I have found my weight and size drops, my cravings disappear, I feel more energetic, AND I can literally gorge on these type foods and not gain weight, feel bloated or drowsy later. For example, the other day I stuffed myself on thawed frozen blueberries and a type of artisan bread called Muslix bread. These high fiber whole foods satisfies me in the exact way a candy bar satisfies me, but without feeling unhealthy and sleepy after, and I feel energetic, alert, and am losing weight in spite of eating this way. There are foods that taste great and are unhealthy and fattening, and there are foods that taste great and make you healthy. This book is all about finding good health and a healthy weight and still enjoying food while overcoming cravings. The research Dr Barnard has done using Narcan to block endorphins causing subjects to lose their cravings for certain foods like meat and sugar is especially revealing.

Information in the book is very good and documented and I believe the message Dr

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 on December 8, 2016
By B. Kessler
Information in the book is very good and documented and I believe the message Dr. Barnard has relayed. I have been eating a whole foods, plant based diet for over seven years now, so to me personally, the recipes were uninviting. If one is just starting out on this journey, the recipes probably will be a good start for experimenting and learning how to flavor vegetables and grains.

Clear presentation

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 on February 19, 2015
By Bookaholic
Lots of great information in here! Some reviewers say it is duplicated information but I haven’t read all his books so I can’t say.

Break Up with Foods you love that don’t love you back. Fall in Love with Dr. Barnard – the nicest man alive.

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 on March 10, 2015
By James M Savarese
Learn why you eat garbage then learn how not to eat it. Learn what’s really garbage and what’s edible. Dr. Barnard is quite possibly the nicest human being you’ll ever meet. Let him save you from years of sickness and disease. Learn how to have your chocolate and eat it too. Leave out the animal products and oils and eat like a king or queen. Awesome book with sample recipes!

A fascinating look at food’s effect on the human body!

11 people found this helpful.
 on September 5, 2008
By Kenneth Simon
For me, it all comes down to oatmeal.

Great if you’re trying to create new habbits

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 on June 11, 2014
By Bill Baran
This book has two portions. The first is an education on the addictive qualities of food and eating habits. I found this all very interesting and helpful when trying to limit snacks.

Food Awareness from a Chemical Standpoint

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 on March 5, 2008
Being a medical doctor and nutritionist, Neal Barnard explains the chemical reactions that take place in our brain and cause our bodies to crave or even worse become addicted to certain unhealthful foods. His remedy is most importantly, eating a proper breakfast with enough sustaining nutrients including protein and fiber to get you through to lunch, then eating a nutritious lunch to sustain you until dinner, and the same at dinner time. If you get the right amount and balance of nutrients at the proper times, your blood sugar will remain steady and you will no longer crave unhealthful foods and will also be well on the way to losing weight and disease prevention. Getting exercise and proper sleep, of course, are other important factor to health. At the back of the book, he includes a three week vegan kickstart menu which if followed will give you immediate health improvements and will train your taste buds to crave healthful foods instead of junk. It also includes a variety of tasty vegan recipes.