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Exactly what is Sweet Sweat
Sweet Sweat is a topical workout enhancer that can in fact target issue and also injured locations improving circulation, power and also sweating during workout. By boosting circulation as well as sweating, even more power is directed to the exercising muscle mass, making your workout feel easier as well as aiding to increase workout as well as recovery times.

Urges Sweating During Exercise
It takes calories making energy and also it takes energy to sweat, more power than the majority of people understand and also like all power consuming procedures “Sweating Helps Burn Calories.” Pleasant Sweat will create an extra increase in circulation to locations applied, helping to promote a “great sweat.”

Wonderful Sweat is Activated by You
Pleasant Sweat deals with your elevated heart rate, so the much more vigorous the exercise the far better it will certainly work. Sweet Sweat could likewise be utilized while swimming and also in a dry or infrared Sauna.

The best ways to Apply
Use an enough amount of Sweet Sweat to the skin before starting your exercise. Make sure to layer all wanted locations without massaging right into the skin. ELIMINATION: After workout, and also the typical “cool off” period, towel off item FIRST, and also shower using cozy water as well as soap.

Crucial Note
Do not make use of other creams and lotions on the skin before using Sweet Sweat, as they can create a barrier on the skin that keeps Sweet Sweat from working correctly. To avoid sweat discolorations on clothes, it is advised to make use of a pre-wash stain eliminator before washing.

Product Details

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Customer Reviews

This stuff actually works

233 people found this helpful.
 on July 21, 2017
By Richard
I just started working out 2 weeks ago and I have a bunch of new aches and pains. I tried KT Tape but it didn’t cover all the areas I was getting sore…I tried this and it works incredibly well. My soreness goes away quickly as I’m warming up. Even after two weeks I am in way better shape because I can workout on average 10 minutes longer. Changing my diet has been a little tougher so I started taking a carb blocker called 

I have the standard mom pooch that just won’t go …

98 people found this helpful.
 on August 8, 2016
By E to the A
I have the standard mom pooch that just won’t go away no matter how much I work out or my diet. I’ve been using this for about a week now and notice a difference. I use it every day and noticed after a few days that the “bloat” is gone. I don’t know if it’s just water weight lost but I haven’t gained back what was lost. I plan to continue using it to find out.


108 people found this helpful.
 on March 14, 2017
By lorena
LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I don’t ever sweat on my own and if I do, it’s very little but I use this and wear a waist trimmer under my clothes when going to the gym and by the time I am done with my work out, I am sweating so much that it goes through my clothes! I’ve seen a lot of progress with this combined with the trainer and I absolutely love it!

… is after a 45 minute cardio sesh with the Sweet Sweat cream and wrap

104 people found this helpful.
 on June 5, 2016
By Lisa Dingeman
This is after a 45 minute cardio sesh with the Sweet Sweat cream and wrap. Pretty awesome stuff.

Definitely Get This!

5 people found this helpful.
 on August 4, 2016
By Priya
This is a must buy! I use this product about 5 days a week (every time I work-out). I use this in conjunction with my Sweet Sweat Waist Band. I’d definitely suggest to get this product as it makes applying the enhancer exceedingly easy. Every single time I use this product I am prepared to see a pool of sweat once I’m done working out.

Good product but not for me

One person found this helpful.
 on August 15, 2017
By ajosephine
When you apply this product, I will say it will definitely bring a sweat out of you. It is a good product and it smells great. The fact that it’s all naturals I love because I do not like any types of chemicals. I used it for two weeks so far, sweat is much more than without the use of this product but I have yet to see a change. What I would like to see, people using the product to condense weight, not already clearly in shape people sweating at a higher rate because they use this product. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good but for myself a person on a mission. A Former sufferer of fibromyalgia, I am at the point of physical change and I have my workout tools in order. I have come far in the workout process, I thought this product would at best put a dent in me.

Amazing product!

6 people found this helpful.
 on January 28, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I am in my 20 ‘s and definetly a workout junky! I am a heavy lifter and I usually sweat alot on my own but a little extra help never hurts! I will always apply my sweet sweat on my mid section and on my atms if im working arms that day and it’s amazing, i will honestly say im dripping sweat with this I sweat thst much more! Definitely worth the money and I will always repurchase! thhank you sweet sweat!


3 people found this helpful.
 on October 30, 2016
By Joshua Szymanowski
Love this stuff! Really helps get a sweat going! Not sure how much it helps with body fat, but for me that is not the goal. I love how it gets the body warmed up and moving and like to use on previously injured areas. Would recommend.


2 people found this helpful.
 on June 13, 2017
By Roxana
This is amazing I can’t say enough good things about this product .. first off the ingredients are all natural and the smell is like a fresh coconut , tropical paradise… and of course it does what it claims ( sweat) 💦… I personally only use this on my stomach combined with the sweet sweat waist trimmer these two together are great .. I always use it during my workouts at the gym weather I’m doing weights or cardio …. and the moment I take that belt off sweat pours off .. def recommended this product

Love it

2 people found this helpful.
 on April 9, 2017
By PrincessLeia
This stuff works. Every time I use it with the belt it is like being in a sauna. I can tell a difference in my waist measurements. Also, I exercise one hour 3-4 times a week and I watch my calorie intake. I will be buying more.