Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband

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Exercise more effectively and burn more calories Comfortable armband accurately measures heart rate. No chest strap needed Rechargeable battery supplies as much as 8 hours of exercise time Wireless exercise from as much as 100 ft. away from your device! Suitable With: iPhone FIVE iPhone 5C iPhone 5 iPhone 4S iPad mini with retina iPad mini iPad (4th gen) iPad (3rd gen) iPod touch (5th gen) Samsung Galaxy S IV The Rhythm+ Optical Heart Rate monitor's ANT+ Connection works with Garmin Forerunner, Vivo Fit, Suunto ambit 3, Viiiiva, and totally replaces your heart rate keeping track of chest strap. The Bluetooth 4.0 connection deals with all of the popular fitness tracking apps such as digifit, wahoo, strava, mapmyfitness, endomondo, runkeeper, runtastic, ismoothrun, and more!

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  • ASIN: B00QSRQ0R6
  • Item model number: RTHM1.9GN

Customer Reviews

Accurate, comfortable, and worthwhile for HIIT training

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 on May 28, 2016
By Thomas Shows
I’d been using wrist-based HRMs for about a year, and after talking with a run coach and another fitness trainer, both recommended this for accuracy and comfort. So far, I’d say the recommendations were spot on. The wrist-based HRMs aren’t bad for light aerobic or resting heart rate, but vigorous and variable activity like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) requires something with a bit more accuracy to track changes (especially increases).

App Endomondo saved the day

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 on October 19, 2016
By RunandSwim40
The product is very good but when you buy it you have to have one thing in mind. This product doesn’t have its own application. You have to find an application that works with it. I was about to return it when I saw a video on Youtube that shows how to connect a Rhythm + with Android phone and in this video they mention a free application that does all the sports and work outs I wanted, Treadmill running; Weight lifting; Indoors rowing; outdoors running; and much more.(Application Endomondo). Scosche mention some apps that works with this monitor but none of them has indoors sports only running outside.

Solid data; excellent battery life; extremely comfortable

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 on October 14, 2015
So far so good. I ran a Half Marathon with it and it was solid the entire time. Meanwhile, I had a Garmin 920XT watch with a chest strap and, as usual, that Garmin strap cut out for 20 mins during the race when it got too sweaty. The Rythm+, however, was a solid performer. I wear it just above the elbow and find it remarkably comfortable to the point I almost forget I have it on. For the parts where both devices were reporting, the results were nearly identical. [I’ve also compared it to my Apple Watch on spot tests and they are nearly the same there as well after the watch settles down.]

Excellent buy

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 on March 2, 2016
By Kindle Customer
I hate chest strap HR monitors, so I decided to buy this one. I mostly run and I use the endomondo app on iphone. It has a very simple charger and I love the single on/off button. It was incredibly simple in the settings of endomondo to “look” for a HR monitor. I turned the device on and it near instantly starts reading on my app. From the time I hit the power on button to the time my app picks it up is maybe 2 or 3 seconds. I brought it to my medical office and compared it with the HR readings using some of our equipment, and it was exactly the same. The only time I notice a lower reading is when I am doing pullups, which makes sense. I’ve already had 2 coworkers purchase this because I brought it in and showed it to them.

A great replacement for my old HR monitors

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 on October 8, 2016
By B. Watkins
Upgraded from an ePulse2 after the monitor died. After looking for a good replacement, this band came up on a lot of lists. Even though the band does not have a monitor, I am getting used to checking it via a phone app (using Digifit iCardio, which is working well). The band keeps up well with more intensive workouts like P90X and Insanity. I also have a Fitbit HR which I had previously purchased to be my new HR monitor, but the Fitbit is absolutely terrible at maintaining and monitoring your heart rate with any exercise apart from running (anything with rapid arm movements and fitbit loses the beat). The Scosche is a great monitor, it keeps up with changes in heart rate, does not lose the beat, and is very light to wear. Like the ePulse2 and many other monitors, it needs worn on your upper forearm, which I have no issues with. The band is lightweight and comfortable, and accurate. The 3 sensors are much larger than those on the other monitors I have used, which is probably why it has a better time keeping a connection. I’m not sure how far the bluetooth range is to keep phone connection, but I have had no issues thus far. Overall, I like the Scosche as my new monitor and hope it lasts a while.

The best HR monitor I have ever had!

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 on August 8, 2016
By Jbone80
I love this heart rate monitor. I had gotten tired of my chest strap and was actually very excited when it stopped working. I have been eyeing this thing for a while now and it was the best move I ever made. It is very easy to use, and pairing with your device is very simple. I use it with MapMyFitness and I didn’t have a single problem pairing it, especially because MapMyFitness will pair with Ant+ and Bluetooth. Both transmit exceptionally well. I have used this product to workout in a gym, mountain bike, I even used it last week when I was hanging trim in my basement because I knew the battery was close to the 8 hours. Everytime I got an accurate measurement of my heart rate. When I was done, I used the usb cord and plugged it into my outlet that has usb capability. During charge it will blink red fast a few times and it does that over an over and when it is done it stops blinking and it is ready for use.

New Product, Works Well, Some Issues

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 on December 23, 2016
By R. Stewart
I purchased this item to help me pace myself during rehab following an operation. I have a heart rate chest strap, but that is a nuisance. The armband looked to be a lot more convenient. I’m both riding my bike and walking, so I had two applications. I upgraded by bike computer to an ANT+ EyeCat Stealth 50 and resurrected an old Garmin 210 watch, which is compatible with the ANT+ signal. The bike computer lets me track my heart rate by scanning the display without need of looking at a watch. (Trying to read your watch can be a bit of distraction on a bike if you do it often enough, especially if you have to press mode buttons to see a particular display.) The EyeCat has a simple mode that gives me speed, cadence, and heart rate on the same screen which is what I wanted. When walking, looking a your watch isn’t an issue so I use the Garmin 210 for that. Both the Garmin and EyeCat feature GPS tracking, which is also of interest in planning and reviewing my activities.

FANTASTIC!! I hate wearing a chest strap (too …

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 on August 17, 2016
By Robert J. Alves
FANTASTIC!! I hate wearing a chest strap (too fat and feel like one of those baked hams that has those strings cutting all into it). This (as far as I know) is pretty spot on for tracking my hr, and Im not going to forget to put it on…or dread putting it on. LOVE IT so much my wife bought one in the pink color.

Accuracy at an excellent price!

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 on October 7, 2015
By G. Bramlitt
I’ve now owned this product for 2 months. I wanted to give it some time before posting a review. New and shiny normally = 5-stars. So I wanted to test it out first.