Manduka PRO Yoga Mat & eQua Yoga Towel Set

  • Manduka PRO Yoga Mat eQua Yoga Towel and Carrying Strap Set
  • Manduka Black Pro Yoga Mat eQua Yoga Towel and Carrying Strap Set
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Manduka PRO Yoga Mat & eQua Yoga Towel Set

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Customer Reviews

There is no other yoga mat that compares to Manduka Black, enough said!

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 on January 16, 2015
By Womens-Fitnes-Tips
I have had my Manduka Black Mat for 15 years, and it’s still like new, and believe I use A LOT. I first bought it when I start practicing Ashtanga Yoga, because I needed a sturdy mat and also because that’s what all the other Yogis had and I really wanted to fit in….JK! No for real, a lot of Ashtanga lovers were using that mat, so I paid what I thought was a LOT for a mat back then, $100 bucks, but of course I know now it was money well spent. This mat has been with me for 15 years of yoga practice, including Ashtanga, Bikram (3 years running in the heat), Core Power, you name it. I bought this one just this Christmas for my daughter because whenever she’s in town, and going to yoga she wants mine (you think I’m going to rent a mat mom, yuck!). Don’t even bother looking elsewhere, I promise you, you will not be disappointed with this mat, you will fall love in each and every time you practice on it. Namaste! ~Laura from

Great Mat!

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 on September 22, 2016
By John G
I’m a yoga novice. One of the many people who’s first experience was with p90x, and for the one day a week commitment wasn’t going to spend a fortune on a mat. I surprisingly ended up really enjoying yoga and wanted to pursue the practice a little more in depth afterward p90 had run it’s course. Because I do most all of my work out’s from home I never was around other people or their “equipment” and never gave my cheap $30 mat a second thought. I should have. I can’t speak of how this mat compares to Jade or Prana or Lululemon, but I can tell you emphatically that if you are using a TJ Max or Target mat you are doing yourself a disservice. This mat holds rock solid in place while your moving between poses and let’s you focus on your movements instead of the mats. I will say, every serious yoga writer I’ve seen talks about how “soft” the pro is…if you’re coming from a cheap mat it’s going to feel like a brick. It’s a good thing, but something you may have to adjust to.

Decent mat, but fantastic towel!

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 on June 1, 2017
I liked this yoga mat, but really loved the towel! I was in search of a new mat because I found myself slipping on my old one. So I did some research and I bought this mat because of the great reviews. I do agree with most of the comments, but not all. The mat seems very durable, but be warned…it is very heavy especially if you are carting it around to a yoga studio. The first time I used it, I loved the support, but I found myself slipping after a few down dogs. Once I put the yoga towel on though, it was perfect. But I do not wish to use the towel every time I do yoga. So I read up on it and found that there is a process to condition the mat. Now I do not know why they don’t condition it before they send it out to their customers…but so be it. I have yet had the opportunity to condition the mat, but once I do, I will make sure to post about the results.

Great mat, no problems, but you need to do a "serious" break-in when you first get it.

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 on April 6, 2015
By KnowledgeMaster
I’m a tall man who’s pretty strong so mat “weight” isn’t an issue at all but I wanted something good and durable as I have a daily Yoga practice which involves some heated sessions. This mat is definitely awesome – it’s durable, it has a lifetime warrantee, and it works well. I’ve used it with and without the eQua towel it came with. The towel is great (you must wet it at the beginning of your practice though), there’s absolutely no slippage once you dampen it, and the only drawback is hauling around this mat accessory. Recently I stopped using the towel, following suit of my Yoga instructors, each of whom don’t use one, and I’ve not had any issues (and I like not having a towel to worry about).

The best yoga mat ever

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 on February 8, 2016
By buttercup
The best yoga mat ever. I cannot believe I waited so long to purchase this. Once broken in this mat is firm but comfortable. I feel like my poses and practice have improved so much more using this mat. You just feel so grounded and stable on it. Yes it’s heavy but that’s why it is so amazing! Highly recommend! I didn’t find the salt washing technique very helpful for breaking in. I found a method online that worked like magic and didn’t have to do several times just once Get a bucket and fill with warm water and a few drops of regular liquid laundry soap. Get a couple towels enough to cover the surface of the mat and put into soapy water, wring out excess and then lay them on top of the mat. Leave alone for about 30 minutes. Rinse the mat with clean water, pat dry and hang to dry. Don’t submerge mat in tub or try to soak it during rinse. Just use sprayer on a hose or maybe the shower. This worked great! Nice and grippy afterward!!

better than other cheaper yoga mats

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 on November 23, 2016
By Zuri Hann
This Manduka PRO Yoga Mat is okay quality, better than other cheaper yoga mats, but very slippery. I have used this mat for past 3 months and I cannot hold downward dog in place due to my hands are keep moving on the mat, cannot hold it in place. The towel is only activated with sweat, it’s no use if you are doing yoga in air-conditioned room unless you want to cover yourself up during Shavasana.

The best yoga mat money can buy. Period.

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 on January 14, 2017
By Glitterturd
pretty much this is the cadillac of yoga mats. It is on the heavy side and it’s thick. I keep this one at home for my home practice. I did the recommended salt and water treatment when I first got it many months ago and I have not had to redo that. the grip is awesome. I can’t imagine using anything else. The eQua towel that it comes with is handy for when i’m doing hot yoga in studio. It’s a long thin towel that spans the length of this mat. Great value to have this packaged together.

High quality mat

 on June 3, 2017
By Amazon Customer
I’m giving this a five star because of the overall quality of the product. I’ve been using it about three to four months now, and it’s clear that it will last me for years to come. The density of the mat is great cushioning for the knees. I will say, it does take a lot of time to break in. I have always had an issue with my hands slipping in poses with this and other mats. I use hand rosin to help with this issue until this mat is broken in really well. If you use the salt scrub method to speed up the break in process, be sure to wash with mild soap and water afterwards to get all the salt residue off. I didn’t do that the first time, and the salt residue had me slipping all over the mat in the next class, even though I had rinsed it off quite thoroughly.

Perfect yoga and hot yoga combo.

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 on April 10, 2017
By Capt. Crawfish
This mat and towel and great. The mat is heavy, really heavy, but it’s a great quality mat. I’m boney and used to have issues with doing poses on my knees, with this mat — I don’t have any issues.

I do love the balance I have on this mat

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 on May 27, 2015
By Steph-B
Slippery. I have to use the towel with the mat and the towel can be a pain if I don’t mist it enough before the class. I do love the balance I have on this mat. It’s way more stable that my Jade (which I do have to say that I miss). This is a solid mat. I know that it’s a favorite for all the yoga pros, but I’m just not really sold yet.