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This heart rate display has a soft fabric strap and is more comfy than ever before. Plus, it's enhanced for usage in congested locations like physical education and starting lines.


Customer Reviews

Compatible with the Concept2 PM4 console for indoor rowing.

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 on January 15, 2017
By Tech Tango
This is a nice ANT+ HR monitor. It senses well, fits comfortably on me, and has held up to repeated use & wash. I’m still on the original battery after about 90 hours of use.

Pairs perfectly with Garmin Forerunner 230

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 on February 10, 2017
Bought this to supplement my new Garmin Forerunner 230. Initial setup took about 5 minutes and 2 tries, but now it connects to my Forerunner immediately when I am about to head out for a run. I do wet the sensors (with a drop of spit, honestly) but I sweat so much during my runs that it’s probably not even necessary. Heart rate seems accurate but my running coach has cautioned me against worrying about “zones” and “max HR” without an actual treadmill/bike test with a cardiologist. I use it more so for calorie calculations and seeing how much my HR goes up on hills or during speed work.

more accurate than wrist

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 on March 6, 2017
By C. M.
Slides around a bit more than the polar strap I used for years but seems to keep the beat. I use it during XC skate skiing, running and cycling; takes a bit to get used to the feel but chest straps are the most accurate way to get your heart rate especially if you are doing interval training.

Works brilliantly with Samsung S Health to monitor my morning aerobics and my walks.

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 on March 3, 2017
By Dane Morgan
This is my second Garmin Heart Rate Monitor. The first one was great, but I left it on the bed one morning and Horatio decided it looked a lot like a chew toy. I took the opportunity to look at other options, but this just fits my life. I use it in conjunction with my Samsung S Health app.

Seems accurate and is definitely more comfortable than regular HRM strap

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 on January 28, 2013
By 🔹 Catrinka 🔹
My husband has a couple of different Garmin GPS watches…primarily because every few months, one of them usually stops working and we have to send it back in to Garmin. That way, he always has a backup when the other one is in for repair/replacement. We recently upgraded the heart rate monitor strap to this premium soft strap. Syncing it to either of his GPS units is a breeze and it is definitely more comfortable than the standard strap. The only place that my husband has experienced a bit of rubbing is from the front edge of the plastic “fastener.” This only happens on long runs (15+ miles) and is easily remedied by placing a small piece of medical tape over the offending edge. He’s also found that using Spectra 360 electrode gel (also available from Amazon) on the sensors helps immensely with getting fast, accurate readings. The heart rate monitor has become a constant companion to him on his runs.

Great addition to my running gear

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 on February 21, 2013
By Bryndis
I’ve been running for a long time and never really thought I was that much in need of a heart rate monitor. I figured, if I was alive and running, my heart was probably doing just fine. However, as you can read all over the internet (and I suggest you definitely read up on how to effectively use a HRM in your training), there are many many benefits of having one of these little guys, the prime one being improving your running and not overtraining.

If replacing, spring for this one!

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 on November 9, 2010
By B. Buisson
The Premium HRM is definitely better than the original Garmin one. Not in any significant way where I would recommend replacing one if you don’t need to. I lost mine and needed a new one, so I upgraded. Glad I spent a few bucks more. Much more comfortable when swimming, and stays in place better when running (I don’t notice a real difference when cycling) The old one would slide down to my stomach, during a run, if I didn’t constantly re-adjust it (or make it uncomfortably tight). The contacts may be marginally better, not worth noting though. Both work fine for me, just wipe some water on my lower chest right before using. Note HRMs do not work while swimming, but when doing a triathlon you can swim in it- you don’t have to waste precious seconds in transition putting a HRM on. The main difference is that the hard plastic piece is very small, which makes the strap much more comfortable – you no longer notice that you are even wearing it.

Works OK for about a year and a half

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 on July 7, 2016
By evenst4r
It started flaking out after a little more than a year of twice-weekly use then it started giving intermittent and inaccurate readings. Use and care instructions described in the owners manual were carefully followed. Changing the battery did not help. Garmin graciously replaced the unit after a call to their Customer Service and that new one worked for about year and a half then it began flaking out, also. I am presently trying to decide if I want to treat this as a consumable item and replace it with a new Garmin monitor or go with a different brand.