AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG for Apple and Android devices

  • AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG for Apple and Android Devices
  • Kardia Mobile ECG Machine – smartphone connected EKG monitor
  • Kurzreview: AliveCor Kardia Mobile – Das mobile EKG für das Smartphone
  • AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG for Apple and Android devices
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  • Alivecor Iphone app: taking your own ECG on a smartphone
  • AliveCor Kardia Mobile with Regina Scolaro
  • AliveCor Mobile ECG(EKG) accuracy test review
  • AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG
  • AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG Review
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Kardia lets you take an active function in your heart's health by offering you the ability to tape medical-grade EKGs anytime, anywhere, easily. In just 30 seconds, Kardia shows you whether your heart rhythm is typical or if atrial fibrillation (a leading cause of stroke) is spotted in your EKG. Kardia provides accurate results, and makes it simple to share EKG data with your doctor for analysis and medical diagnosis.


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Customer Reviews

Comes in handy for correlating symptoms to heart rate/rhythm

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 on May 27, 2016
I’m a physician and my father in law has been having some dizzy spells. His physician didn’t seem particularly concerned and scheduled an appointment for several weeks out, which was concerning to me. I ended up getting this device to see what his heart rate and rhythm looked like when he was having the dizzy spells. It was useful in detecting that he was in sinus bradycardia, and was on too high of a dose of beta blockers.

Very Nice Device

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 on November 12, 2016
By Buzz H.
Very good device to better see what is going on with your heart function and to capture events to show your doctor. The device records basic rhythm and bpm but that is enough to show issues like PVCs, tachycardia, bradycardia, etc. For $100, the ability to capture events as they are occurring, without having to wear a monitor, is really a bargain. The sensor can be a but finicky about where it is located to get the best signal, so I would suggest trying it out a bit before mounting it to see where it works best. I would recommend it and buy it again.

I’m a Physician and I’m very impressed

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 on January 8, 2017
By Bradley D. Delay
I’m an internist that takes care of cardiology patients. Plus I have episodic Atrial fibrillation myself. Usually to confirm my rhythm I must drive to my office where I have full access to monitoring devices. But with this little product I just pull it out of my backpack and confirm my rhythm. The quality of the output (readability of rhythm strip) is most impressive. And although I can read it myself the native software is good about reading normal vs fib. I do find that the software does not read out PACs ( premature atrial beats) but I can easily interpret that myself from the tracing.

Great Breakthrough for home rhythm analysis 24 hrs a day…

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 on April 5, 2017
I am a retired General Surgeon with a 50 year experience with intermittent Atrial Fib. The Kardia Unit performs exactly as advertised. It produces a ONE LEAD EKG Rhythm strip. A complete 12 lead EKG provides vastly more information about many more cardiac functions and diagnoses. This is ONLY going to produce a SIMPLE Rhythm which gives only a LIMITED amount of data, i.e. primarily whether you are in Normal Sinus Rhythm or not. It may for may not be diagnostic for atrial fibrillation or any other arrhythmia. Also, it, just like ALL EKGs, is very sensitive to any movement or placement of leads, etc. If the phone is placed down on a solid surface, the Kardia sensor placed directly against the bottom with the arrow pointing to the phone, index fingers moistened to improve electrical sensitivity, elbows down on table, and absolutely NO MOVEMENT of arms or fingers during the reading, you’ll get a good reading every time. A lot to get right – yes. BUT that is the nature of taking an EKG – whether it’s at your home OR in your doctor’s office. Because I’m a physician, I interpret it myself. They have very good algorhythms to try to diagnose the strip, but it’s extremely difficult to do so. A 12 lead EKG can still be difficult as well. They are going to be conservative on the analysis because of medicolegal limits. Overall, this is a real breakthrough for laymen to get a simple rhythm strip at home without going to and ER or Urgent Care center 24 hrs a day…

Great device, better instructions required!

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 on April 7, 2017
By Ordinary Man
The device is easy to set up and use. I wish there were warning that the first use would be reviewed by the cardiologist in the cloud as a baseline for use going forward as I would have picked a differnet moment to test the device. The additional fees for support over and above the basic level are pretty high, some of that support should be included in the purchase price. It should also be noted that the pads which are included are pretty heavy and it appears that they do not need to be permanently attached to the back of a cellphone to work correctly. Doing so increases the weight of your otherwise light weight phone and the pads are ungainly so putting your phone in your pocket becomes another inconvenience. It would be nice to know how far away you can hold the pads and still get a good reading. If you are not going to take the device with you everywhere, use the pads as a seperate device and keep your phone unencumbered.

Kardia Home monitoring ecg

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 on April 15, 2017
By FNL Browne
This unit gives a nice 30 sec ecg rhythm strip. It works best with the finger pad separate from the I phone. One needs to be in a relaxed comfortable position to remove muscle artifact. The tracings are then quite clean. One has to be careful of the auto-over-reads , especially with slow irregular heart rates as it will call possible atrial fibrillation or undiagnosed rhythm when the rhythm is actually something else. As a retired clinical cardiologist I have been able to monitor, sort out the rhythm, rule out new atrial fibrillation and not disturb my physician. There is a professional over read service that comes with the unit and can be purchased for a monthly cost. This would be useful for the lay person. However, once the ecg is downloaded it can be sent to any physician as a pdf file for interpretation. This is a good unit for its stated purpose and I expect to see considerable advancements in this field in the new future.

I get better conduction by spraying hand sanitizer on fingers prior to …

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 on April 30, 2016
By stuart frank
Clever device.I MONITOR rhythm strip daily and send abnormal results to my cardiologist,electrophysiologist,for review to see frequency of atrial fibrillation .I get better conduction by spraying hand sanitizer on fingers prior to starting tracing .

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