Zellous Pure Aromatherapy Top 6 Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler Essential Oil Set

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Exactly what you are getting Essential oils could well be the ultimate gift from nature. Made from the aromatic significances of plants, they have an exceptional capacity to affect a persons wellness as well as boost the atmosphere around them. Check out the several crucial oils offered by Kis Oil’s that can assist you attain physical, psychological, mental and also spiritual health. The Product is ideal for a present or for your very own usage, it can be found in a perfectly packaged in a black matte present box. This box includes 6/ 10ML bottles.


Customer Reviews

Love these oils!

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 on April 1, 2016
By Julianne Sunseri
These oils are amazing. It’s my first time using essential oils in a diffuser and I love it. They smell really great. The lavender and peppermint go great together for sleeping at night and the lemongrass made my house smell clean and fresh. I also love that there’s no plastic dropper, but instead has the lid with the built in dropper (not sure what they’re called), but real essential oils have them so it just assures me even more that these are pure. The packaging was very nice and secure and the little box was so cute! They’re good sized bottles and will probably last me awhile. Definitely going to be ordering more from this company. Just be careful because it’s not safe to diffuse Tea Tree oil around dogs! I unfortunately can’t diffuse this one.

Bought for my sis for Christmas and just bought one for myself

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 on January 11, 2014
By Angela
These scents are all wonderful. And they are all strong enough that if you sniff them out of the bottle they may singe your nose haha. My favorite is probably sweet orange, but they all have useful medicinal purposes. If anyone in my house gets a head or chest cold I am sure the eucalyptus will be used. The peppermint seems to have a positive impact on my sinuses. I actually just used some of the tea tree oil for a hair and skin care recipe using olive oil and essential oils. It worked out very well, especially for my skin. I tend to have very dry, irritated skin in the winter time, and lotions just don’t seem to help for very long. I started using olive oil and then thought, why not try adding the essential oils in the recipe? You can tell the difference between just using olive oil versus using olive oil mixed with this tea tree oil. Therefore, while the olive oil works great, the tea tree oil from this sampler definitely adds to the positive effect it has on my skin.

Great quality and shipped in a nice box that kept …

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 on May 27, 2016
By benjamin
Great quality and shipped in a nice box that kept them safe and sound through their travels here. they have a great aroma and work wonders. My wife and i have been long time users of oils and these are some of the best quality we have seen from getting online. Will be a repeat customer.

Wonderful starter pack for essential oil newbies!

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 on March 3, 2016
By Stephanie
I am a newbie to the world of essential oils, and I wasn’t entirely sure what scents I would like. That’s why I was looking for some kind of variety pack to test out. I came across this Kis Essential Oil Gift Set, and decided to give it a try.

I absolutely love this set

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 on September 22, 2016
By Callista Tieu
I absolutely love this set. I love how there are so many options and they last so long too. The sweet orange and peppermint might be my favorite combination. However, they’re all wonderful.

Excellent for starting essential oil use

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 on July 17, 2015
By Ashley Wilson
These oils smell wonderful, and in a natural way. I am new to the world of essential oils – my friend introduced me about a month ago. Since then, I have been using them daily for various reasons.

Great to try out mixing oils

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 on June 3, 2015
By Isabelle S.
After going to a friends house and seeing her add some oils into her aromatherapy humidifier and smelling the amazing citrus oils she had added I was wondering if I should get something like that. Then she showed me her oils collection and told me she had spent some huge amount of money. At the time I was sure I would stick with cheap candles. Plus, I am not convinced oils cure anything. But they smell good and I understand that the tea tree oil and the lavender have anti-bacterial properties. Both those oils are included in this collection. These oils were much less than the price my friend had mentioned and I am glad I got them. I put them in the little aromatherapy humidifier and I have experimented with several combinations. I think the fragrance I get from these oils is excellent. Highly recommend. My favorite blend is lavender with a bit of lemongrass.

The best set for beginners!

 on March 13, 2017
By Antonio Simon, Jr.
Of all the budget-friendly samplers offered on Amazon, this one is probably the best set for beginners. The packaging of the oils is nice. Everything arrived undamaged; no leakage. My only criticism is that the built-in dropper on the bottles has a very fast drip to it, making it hard to count and control the number of drops you use.

Really, really great quality oils

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 on November 30, 2016
By Shelton
I’ve purchased this as a gift and for myself to use in humidifiers. I have gotten many other oils before, but these are actually quite concentrated–you really do only need the 2-4 drops recommended. I’ve been disappointed with others before, but these are concentrated, smell as expected, and come in a solid box that is strong enough to hold a bunch of little glass bottles without warping or bending. I keep them in the box (lid underneath) just because it works so well. By far my favorite oils purchased to date. I just wish that they had more variety so I could diversify even more–this set does have pretty much the basics, so no complaints.

Wonderful Oils

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 on November 27, 2016
By Alison Nelson
These oils are awesome. They have a strong scent and have real lasting power. I love each scent and use them all of the time in my cool mist oil diffuser, in the bathtub, for use for naseau (thank you peppermint for always settling my stomach) and headaches. I am probably not using them to their full potential. When I ran out of the lavender and then the eucalyptus I knew it was time for another set. I didn’t feel guilty at all for purchasing more because of the great price. I have never purchased a $25 bottle of essential oils because I am perfectly happy with the $14.95 set of 6 oils. This is a great pack of essential oils!