Vafee Essential Oil Diffuser – Portable Air Humidifier & Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

?? SUPERIOR MIST DISPERSION: The Vafee Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser holds 100ml, can be utilized continually for approximately 6 hours, and dispenses important aromatherapy mist over a 15 sq. meter location! That means more relaxation and humidifier air throughout the day and night long.;?? VERSATILE & WHISPER QUIET: Our air humidifier not only helps enhance your everyday air quality by instilling the air with warm, unwinding moisture, it does it all without disrupting your life or workspace. This makes it perfect for homes, Yoga, Pilates, beauty salons, infant spaces, office, and more!;?? MOISTURIZES & IMPROVES AIR QUALITY: The Vafee Essential Oil Diffuser and Ionizer adds both warm, moisturizing mist to the air, and thoroughly distributes your preferred oil or scent without overwhelming your senses.;?? ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS & LIGHT MODES: Finding simply the ideal balance of oil diffusion and relaxing color patterns is simple given the Vafee’s flexible setting options. Our air purifier uses numerous diffusion alternatives and 7 vibrant light modes to assist in alleviating tension, fatigue, headaches, and even dry skin.;?? PREMIUM WARRANTY: Each of our oil diffusers comes standard with a 60-day money back complete satisfaction warranty and a 2-year quality assurance guarantee. No matter your needs, we’ll exist to guarantee you’re entirely pleased with your purchase.