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Created by Fabian Zimmerman for Stadler Form, Jasmine, an ultrasonic fragrance diffuser, changes exactly what appears ordinary, ordinary- a little bit of water, a few drops of Essential oil- into an invitation, filled with Stillness and intrigue. Sitting coyly on the night table or at the corner of your desk, Jasmine beckons you to slow down a minute, observe her smooth lines, her unassuming shape, her shiny feel, and inhale deeply-a mild stream of fragrance. Raise your senses, choosing the pure Essential oil best fit as a natural remedy or for aromatherapy, meeting your requirements in a well-balanced space every minute of the day.

Customer Reviews

just perfect, long run time, looks great on the shelf

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 on February 2, 2016
By A. Conway
This little guy is perfect. He sits on my shelf, and the very simple and understated design blends in perfectly with the rest of my decorations. I was looking for a diffuser that I would not have to replenish constantly, and could run all night. This lasts around 16 hours in intermittent mode, which is perfect because I basically just set it every night as I go to bed.

Hands down the best diffuser on a budget!

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 on July 12, 2016
By TwoZees
This is THE best diffuser I have found. I recommend this one to all my friends and family who ask what I use. After 3+ months of daily use (overnight), I have had no problems and no complaints.

Looks and works great.

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 on June 27, 2016
By Derek
I like the 10 minute on 20 minute off interval. Very simple to use. It’s either on for a constant 7 hours or set at the 10/20 interval for 21 hours. The two small lights are extremely bright. They are like small flashlights and they actually cast a spot light on a wall. I covered them with a small piece of scotch tape, then used a black sharpie pen over the light, another layer of tape and more sharpie pen on top and it is a nice soft light to see that it is on but not disturbingly bright. The plug transformer also has a bright light on it that needs to be dimmed depending on if it is visible where plugged in. Other than the bright lights it works and looks great. And smells great, but I guess they all do depending on the oil you use.

Exactly What I Needed!

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 on April 12, 2017
By Trekkie
This is exactly what I was looking for! I’ve tried 4-5 other diffusers, but this is the only one with a truly intermittent setting. Others will go for 30 seconds, off for 30 seconds, but this one is on for 10 minutes, off for 20 minutes. It runs all night long to help with my sleep, and a full reservoir will last for 2 nights, making your precious essential oils last longer. It’s smaller than I expected, but that’s actually a good thing in my case. My only complaints are: 1) The two small lights – one indicating the power is one, the other indicating that the intermittent setting is on – are very bright at night. But, I covered them with paper, and all is well again. 2) It doesn’t have much oomph. You need to have this right next to you in order to get the full effects of the oils. On a bedside table is ideal for sleep, or next to you on your desk while you work. Doesn’t work so great in a large room. Again, this can be a positive thing, especially if you plan to use this in your bedroom or in a child’s bedroom. In fact, I’ll probably get a second one for my toddler’s room.

One of my favorite diffusers

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 on March 25, 2017
By jolie
I LOVE this diffuser, I just wish there wasn’t such a huge difference in pricing between all the colors. This one was on sale for $35 but some of the others colors (for the same model) are in the $50 range. I don’t get it – I’d have much rather gotten the green or black one but they were too expensive. I DO however love the timer feature. I like to diffuse a sleepytime blend at bedtime but running a diffuser all night isnt always great as the bubbling sound can keep me up. This one diffuses long enough to get the blend in the air and help relax us but then shuts off, allowing us to get to sleep. I did have to put black tape over the little lights by the buttons because they can be blinding in a dark room. But the color and lights are just my personal preferences and not enough reason to give this diffuser anything less than 5 stars as it does function beautifully 🙂


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 on July 18, 2015
By SixDee
It’s gorgeous looking and I feel like it’s money well spent. You can choose 7 hours or on intermittent for 21 which is amazing. It took me ages to find a diffuser that went longer than 3 hours. When I get migraines it really helps to use a diffuser and I don’t need to get up out of bed and muck around filling it up every couple of hours. I recommend this- especially because it looks so cool and comes in other colors!

Feeling better!

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 on March 30, 2017
By Janet Williams
I had a co-worker recommend this product because I was always getting sick. She swear by the products, and told me her and her family have been using it for years and don’t get all the commend colds that go around. I catch everything passing it seems so I’ll try it! I’ve had it just a couple of days now and the cold I’ve had for a few days seems to be braking up, really fast, so far, so good! I’ll think I’ll keep it! 5 stars form me

Diffuser works well.

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 on April 3, 2014
By Janet
I have used the diffuser for several weeks and am happy with it. This is not a humidifier. It diffuses essential oils into the air, and is to be used in a room or located near the intended recipient while running.