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I think a lot of you needed to know the vital and various other oils that I utilize in a great deal of my natural elegance dishes and also remedies – so this video goes through my oils collection and a few of the benefits of each oil. I have a lot of oils since i make a lot of house skin care, cosmetics, all-natural remedies and utilize them for aromatherapy, they last a longtime and are an excellent financial investment because regard, yet as I state you do not need this numerous XX

Make sure the brand names you pick are able to be consumed or used topically!

The oils that I talk about
– Sweet almond oil
– Coconut oil

– Avocado oil

– Sesame oil

– Olive oil

– Castor oil
– Evening primrose

– Jojoba oil

– Vitamin e oil

– Rose hip seed oil

– Argan oil

– Calendula oil

– Carrot seed oil

– Eucalyptus oil

– Tea tree oil

– Rose oil
– Pepper mint oil

– Tangerine oil

– Cinnamon oil

– Rosemary oil

– Lavender oil

A truly comprehensive checklist of crucial oils as well as their usages/ advantages

I hope you enjoyed this video ♡
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DG27x says:

can I use most of these oils to make Beard Oils and Safe are they ?
Thanks For the info too 3-16-17 😎

Aslınur Akbulut says:

do you also put olive oil on ur face?

Jennifer Harrison says:

i get my oils from ebay. the most i’ve paid for an oil is $1.97 yes $1.97 the cheapest was $.99.

j diiacova says:

Thanks darling

Unpopular Views says:

Guys you can get these oils for reasonable on thrive market

HeavyMetalLover D says:

Hi Ela! I bought some lavender oil to use when I make my own conditioner and deodorant. Would it be better to use essential oil? What is the difference of essential oils and a regular oil like lavender oil?

Unpopular Views says:

HeavyMetalLover D Lavender oil is an essential oil

Anissa Uusikangas says:

DoTerra’s essential oils would be better quality 🙂

fadia ahmed says:

Hi like your collection I wanted to tell you that there is a brand called himani live natural you should try it
it has over 104 oil

Julia Anderson says:

Is it ok to moisturize your face with olive oil?

Witchycat says:

great video, thanks for the info 😊

Justine Montero says:

why u dont have grapeseed oil 🙁

Hope Terrell says:

what ounce is that bottle of sweet almond oil

Jazpreet Kaur says:

Hi can the essential oils be used straight to the hair or do i need to mix them with carrier oils??

Shrimpie says:

Jazpreet Kaur you won’t have to unless you are using it on your scalp, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t mix it with coconut oil if you’re going to put it in your hair.

Kayla Welch says:

I’m sure you spent well over 200 or more for all of these.

hugh janus says:

Kayla Welch I know from experience, it’s probably way over 250.

Unpopular Views says:

Kayla Welch you can get all these oils for cheap on thrive market

Gail Mariage says:

I enjoyed this video. Have you looked at Edens Garden? Also I use Doterra too.

MM Earlene says:

u havent share about avocado oils , n u have those on ur display

Mallika Buddhavarapu says:

You should try ylang ylang essential oil…..its my absolute favorite n lemme tell it smells like bliss

Bernadettte213 says:

I recommend you check out Young Living Oils! AMAZING company! <3

Unpopular Views says:

Bernadettte213 Why ? They’re just overpriced. There are companies out there with good quality essential oils and they’re not that expensive

Bernadettte213 says:

That’s awesome! Its great that there are oils out there that you would like as well. Just a suggestion, no need to buy from them!

Ruby DelMar says:

Hi…how is Doterra compared to young living

Josei Hansai says:

Which oil is best for redness and discoloration ??

Josei Hansai says:

+Joyce is it okay if i mix tea tree oil with lavender oil ?

Josei Hansai says:

+Joyce is it okay if i mix tea tree oil with lavender oil ?

Joyce says:

Yes, they can be used together. But make sure you dilute them in a carrier oil!

Josei Hansai says:

Thank you so muchhh

hugh janus says:

Josei Hansai I know orange oil diluted is good for discoloration

Ela Gale ♡ says:

Sorry that I havnt put the links in description box yet guys – my Internet is being super unreliable, using my phone for it is a bit tricky! Should be updated by tonight Xx

Rose Tannahill says:

Hey I’m 11 and recently my skin has became really itchy and uncomfortable i havent had anything like this before and ive been thinking that its because i havent been moisturizing my skin. Could you reccomend any of the oils mentioned in the video? X

QueTe Importeichions says:

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BlueBerry14 creeper

BlueBerry14 says:

+SAGE ANGEL WILLIAMS How do you think your mom made you ?


+BlueBerry14 with my dad