Nebulizing Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser With Touch Sensor Light Switch. Premium Home & Professional Use, No Heat, No Water, No Plastic – Dark Radiance 2.0 by Organic Aromas

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Guarantee you're getting the best diffuser

Step away from the plastic scrap that litters the hardware and dollar stores all over. Indulge in the spa-like luxury of this premium aromatherapy diffuser. It is the just one on the market not made in a factory in China! Whether you choose to use it to indulge yourself or reserve it as a present for someone unique, this diffuser is not just a gorgeous complement to your home, bath or office, but is also an instrument used for real healing applications throughout a variety of disciplines.

High-end, Beauty and Capability

This stylish and effective aromatherapy diffuser is whisper peaceful and geared up with appealing LED mood lighting. Instantly alter the state of mind and environment of your environments with both a specialized piece of equipment and a work-of-art!

If you are severe about aromatherapy, this unit:

+ launches only pure vital oil
+ Uses the highest quality natural products like sustainable plantation hardwood and separately hand-blown glass
+ impacts a large location (in ideal conditions over 800 sq ft), utilizes 110/220v, incl, electrical adapter for your market.
+ Diffuses micro-particles of less than 5 microns for easy uptake by the body

What Professionals Use

Pure important oil has actually been valued across the world for several years for its capability to calm, stimulate, decontaminate, ventilate and recover.

If You Value Your Health

+ Don't dilute your experience with water
+ Don't enable your important oils to wear away or deteriorate unhealthy plastic
+ Don't alter your important oils with heat, fire or electrical power.

We support our diffusers and back them with a FREE one-year complete parts and service guarantee.

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Customer Reviews

Love This Nebulizer!

79 people found this helpful.
 on October 28, 2015
By C. Vonegut
Best nebulizer out there. I have several diffusers as well, and two other nebulizers. I threw my candles away and have been using oils for awhile now. I much prefer the nebulizer to the diffusers for the aroma and therapeutic effects of the natural essential oils. This is a beautiful work of art and the aroma it dispenses is amazing. Really like the lighting in it on my nightstand. I just ordered a second one! The signature scent oil they shipped with the nebulizer is amazing. I hope we can soon purchase the oil. I can’t say enough about the EXCELLENT customer service. Make sure you keep it cleaned on a regular basis with alcohol. There is a You Tube video on how to deep clean using boiling water in addition to using the alcohol. It’s easy & doesn’t take long at all to do. Well worth it. Throw away those candles!

So far, great

44 people found this helpful.
 on September 3, 2015
By quisten8
Picked this up yesterday at the post office (after an alternate USPS carrier’s early-morning delivery failure last week…the only way I realized this was by checking the status on the Amazon site since the carrier left no note. Fortunately, the post office had it despite the desk agent’s claim that the tracking number was not a USPS one and his insistence that the carrier would have left a note. Well, whatever…).

Love my nebulizer. Love it, love it, love it.

2 people found this helpful.
 on March 25, 2017
By puket3
Worth it. This is my second nebulizer. Yes, it makes noise. I put it on a piece of hard packing Styrofoam, this helps, make certain nothing is touching the unit or the cord, as that will increase the vibration noise. I hear the noise in the background, but block it out, like white noise or rain, it’s there but I don’t listen to it, it’s no louder than my refrigerator compressor. A lot quieter than my washer. Follow the manufacturer directions re: cleaning regularly; I uses 91% alcohol every other day (I use the nebulizer 2-3 times a day) and “burn” a bit of alcohol to clean out innards at least once a week. I also wash with warm soapy water a few times a week. And wipe the wood daily to avoid residue build up. I tend to avoid thick oils with this unit, I am afraid I will clog it, but have read that it’s helpful to mix thick oils with thin oils to avoid clogs. I just haven’t done it, the tip looks so fragile and some of my oils, especially food type oils (ie vanilla, basil, oregano, clove, etc) are super thick. Also move the unit around if your area is small, I don’t have to worry about the one in my great room, but the one in my bedroom shoots a stream near/into a lampshade, I would imagine over time this would cause damage. Be wary of electronics as well, you do not want essential oil fall out near electronics. Love the color changes with this nebulizer, but I do wish it would turn off when the unit was no longer in use. 🙁 It would also be nice if this unit came with an extra tip, so you had one tip shooting straight up and one tip shooting horizontally for different circumstances. I use less oil with this than I do with my diffuser, so even though it’s more expensive initially, it is actually less expensive in the long run. It diffuses directly into the air without water or heat which makes it easier for my body to absorb the benefits of the oils, I control the amount of oil it uses (I put the drops in vs attach a bottle and let the diffuser loose). I mix right in the nebulizer for individual batches.

A Gem!

2 people found this helpful.
 on August 21, 2016
By Jim, Catskill
First Off, a wonderful Company with which to do Business, Very helpful and Always there. That being said I own two of their Diffusers, or Correctly Nebulizers. This the Radiance and the Exquisite. They both work Perfectly and I Prefer them over a $300- one I also own, for the fact the other has a 4oz bottle you fill, and end up wasting a lot of oil, and Changing Bottles all the Time If you want to Change Oils. The Organic Aromas Diffusers you just add oils as you use them. Easy to Change oils as the Mood Dictates. The The Cut Glass on the Radiance has a Lovely effect on the Ever Changing Multi Colored Lights. They Slowly Blend Into each Other in such a way that wouldn’t be possible if the Glass wasn’t cut. Very Soothing and Relaxing. Many Nights I can’t wait to Retire and turn on the Nebulizer. It Truly is Whisper Quiet. I have No Problem with it being just Inches from my Head and Falling Asleep. Am considering Another One for my Desk.Could not Recommend this Gem Highly Enough. Worth every Penny, Relaxing, and Easy to Care For. I Love It!

Great diffuser

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 on April 10, 2017
By Amazon shopper
This diffuser quickly disperses fragrance throughout the room. I like the way it cycles:2 mins on, one off. I like that it turns itself off after 2 hrs and that you can choose to have the light on or off. It has a wonderful gripper pad on the bottom that buffers noise from vibration (I don’t hear it at all on the setting I use) and keeps the unit from moving around. I recommend this for anyone who wants a good diffuser for use with pure oils. I would not use anything else in it, as it diffuses so well, I would only put in what I feel good about inhaling.

Even better than I thought!

4 people found this helpful.
 on May 12, 2016
Wow! Not only is this the most tasteful-looking oil diffuser I’ve found, it also works amazingly well. I generally put 2 to 3 drops of oil in, turned it on for 5 or 10 minutes, and the whole first floor of my house is neutralized with a pleasant smell. And because heat and water aren’t used, my essential oils retain all of their healing and beneficial properties. What a treat to have found this product!

Thanks for a beautiful diffuser! Delighted to use it for improved well-being …

3 people found this helpful.
 on April 24, 2016
By Smileyball
Loving my Radiance diffuser. Chose this diffuser because the oils can be used without heating them or diluting them with water, which can change them and how they work for me. Gorgeous color-changing light display, which is enjoyable to watch. My oils scent my living room and dining room when we use this, which is daily. The husband is even into it! Clean-up is a breeze with the included instructions. Might need another one for upstairs. And I’ll definitely give this as a gift to family who can use the benefits of EOs. Thanks for a beautiful diffuser! Delighted to use it for improved well-being and uplifting effects.

My must have!

 on August 8, 2017
By Sis
I can’t say anything bad about my nebulizer. I find it much easier and convenient to use than a regular diffuser that uses water. All you have to do is add the right type of EO, rinse with warm soapy water once or twice a week and sometimes run it with a little bit of alcohol for a deeper clean. I add 5-10 drops of EO, turn it up about mid way and let it run for two hours. The scent leaves my 20×28 square feet area smelling nice all day. I usually finish the rest of the oil that evening. For me and my oils it doesn’t take that much to fill a room. I use Eden’s Garden oil. The oil that came with the nebulizer smells really good and definitely leaves a good scent. I didn’t like it until I diffused it and I plan on ordering more of it. Customer service seems to be great. I’ve been using it just about every day since I got it 3-4 months ago. I definitely do not want to be without it. It’s how I start my morning every day and I recommend it to everyone.

Nebulizer for aromatherapy

One person found this helpful.
 on December 28, 2015
By Elizabeth
I ordered based on the positive reviews, and when I received mine by using prime, I got my nebulizer without the top part. I contacted supplier by email, and they told me to double check the whole packaging because that has never happened before. There was a place for it, but it was filled with a padding plug and nothing could fit in that spot beyond the plug. I sent an photo of how I received the package, and the part was en route to me the next day.

The king of essential oil diffusion

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 on November 6, 2015
By lizzyt
Impressive little machine- I started out with an oil diffuser, which uses water. When it broke, I decided I’d rather invest in a quality product. This nebulizer is awesome & no joke….we have it in our large bedroom & within 5 minutes, you can smell it in other bedrooms as well. The light, amazingly, does not bother me during sleep. It has a smart pre-sorted cycle, whereas it nebulizes the oil then cycles off, any more & it would be over powering. There is no comparison between a nebulizer and anything else.