Lavender Essential Oil – Big 4 Oz – 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade – BEST PREMIUM QUALITY Oil From Bulgaria – Used in Aromatherapy & Massage. (1)

  • Radha Lavender Essential Oil – Big 4 Oz – 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade – PREMIUM…
  • Radha Lavender Essential Oil – Big 4 Oz – 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade – PREMIUM…
  • Radha Lavender Essential Oil – Big 4 Oz – 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade – PREMIUM…
  • Lavender Oil Premium Quality Bulgarian 4 Oz 100% Natural and Pure
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Lavender Oil: A Natural Product with Amazing Benefits
In our ever-moving society, loosening up appears impossible. From stabilizing home and also work to aiming to survive financially, issues keep accumulating. It's no wonder that a lot of people suffer from illness like depression, stress and anxiety, and also sleeping disorders. Left untreated, these concerns have radical impacts on our general health. Medicine is an option, but it's costly, addictive as well as poses side effects even worse than the ailments themselves.

Lavender Oil by Pure Body Naturals is all you have to combat stress, improve mood. Our Lavender Oil is 100% pure, keeping the natural antimicrobial and also antioxidant residential properties in tact. This gives users the natural advantages that some societies have been making use of for centuries. By massaging it into the skin, adding it to a bathroom, or using it in an aromatherapy diffuser, Lavender Oil brings quick alleviation.

Research studies supply evidence supporting the benefits of Lavender Oil for wellness as well as elegance. It's critical that the oil you make use of is all-natural to ensure there're no allergic reactions or adverse effects. Because this Lavender Oil is from Pure Body Naturals, it's guaranteed to be 100% natural and safe with no added chemicals.

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Customer Reviews

Very potent and relaxing for stressful mother of a toddler

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 on January 4, 2017
By Lindsay
This was my first time purchasing an essential oil. Originally I purchased it to make candles for Christmas gifts, but that didn’t happen. I used the oil in my Scentsy and it is definitely different from the wax that I normally put in it. I read that putting water in the Scentsy basin with a few drops of essential oil would help humidify the room and make it smell great. Just a few drops is so potent and helped me sleep better when I had a cold. I felt like all of my stress went away and I had a peaceful sleep. Being a mother of an 18 month old and going through life’s struggles, this certainly helps.

Great smell, not artificial and useful to improve relaxation.

One person found this helpful.
 on August 16, 2016
By Jess B.
I don’t have a lot of experience with oils, or oil diffusers but I was excited to try this out. I wanted a way to assist with relaxation.

Love it!!

One person found this helpful.
 on December 9, 2016
By SusieNY
This product works great. I didn’t buy it for the aromatherapy. I actually bought it for my skin. I’ve been seeing a dermatologist for over a year and have seen an allergist who both can’t figure out why my skin is going crazy with this uncontrollable itching rash I have all over my body. It’s really helped with alleviating the itching and most of all, it’s helped all my open wounds and scabs heal without reopening them. I don’t recommend you put it on big open wounds because it will give you a burning sensation (almsot like hydogen peroxide on an infection unless) you have a higher tolerance for pain, but it does work! I loved it so much, I already ordered a second bottle! This is such a great product for the amount you get. I would have gone through those tiny bottles in about two days.

Lavender Oil by Pure Body Naturals is HEAVENLY

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 on November 15, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Lavender Essential Oil by Pure Body Naturals is AWESOME HEAVENLY in aroma plus high in quality & a must have for any home. Love the sweet aroma & is so versatile in use from head to toe & in diffusers for calming down yourself and home for a peaceful soul from hectic days to good night sleep. Love Lavender and use it daily, this is my favorite for it has a sweeter lavender scent vs the others I have tried, This 4 oz. is fantastic price for such high quality & pure oil plus the awesome aroma can not be beat.

Multiple uses in our family

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 on December 30, 2016
By Whiskeywoman
I use lavender drops for a lot of things, but this is mainly used in my laundry room. We sprinkle some drops on our wool dryer balls and I add it to my homemade carpet freshner. I love the dropper and the glass is heavy enough not to break as we have knocked it over too many times to count.

The sweet smell of garden lavender – wonderful for so many uses

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 on July 2, 2015
By Gadget Girl
For years I have been growing lavender. Over the years I have probably grown 50 varieties of lavender. Of all the varieties, the Angustifolias are the sweetest scent. They have true sweet Lavender smell, with none of the camphor smell of some of the other types. When I realized this was made from 100% Angustifolia variety, I was delighted! So many products that claim to be lavender don’t have the true scent – but this one really does. Perfect product to use for my soap making and other bath & body products.

Love this smell!

31 people found this helpful.
 on June 27, 2015
By Becca
This is a great product. Years ago, a holistic veterinarian recommended lavender essential oil for my dog for separation anxiety. You just put a little on a washcloth and put it with your dog. It does help. It didn’t completely cure him but it seemed to have a little calming effect. That little experiment started my love for lavender. It smells beautiful. I had the opportunity to try this out at a discounted price and I jumped at the chance. The timing of its arrival was impeccable. My house needed some freshening, badly. I have two large aromatherapy units and I filled each with 2 oz (and a little water). My house is being blasted right now and filling up with this wonderful scent, and I couldn’t be happier. My dogs like it too (I have two dogs now). This is a product I will buy again – I’m using up the whole bottle right now, but next time I order, I’m going to use it to make my own cleaning products. Very nice!

Lavender oil is my favorite oil.

 on September 12, 2015
By Marley
I did a test with this oil, by putting a drop on paper and it dried with no residual. To me it smells wonderful. I get coconut oil and a few drops of lavender oil and wash my face with it. I will also put distilled water in a spray bottle and add lavender oil and spray it on my pillow and hair. I love it.

Very nice obvious fragrance

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 on February 2, 2017
By Christine Dymek
Very nice obvious fragrance. I love it and works well with candle making. I suppose you could use for other things as well, no limits with this product !!