Essential Oils that are Good for Skin

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Try vital oils for skincare. You can boost your skin-heath without making use of harmful products while getting wonderful outcomes.

Utilizing important oils for an anti-aging solution for my skin was my finest choice.

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Best Service provider oil products:
Fractionated coconut oil –
JoJoba oil –
Almond oil –
Argan oil –

I have numerous problems with rashes on my face like seborrheic dermatitis as well as eczema, leaving me with couple of options for skin care.

Today I share 5 of the most effective essential oils for skincare. Using natural oils for skin care actually helped reduce my skin swelling.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Skincare

Lavender important oil

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amanda ' says:

great video!!

Lahiruni A says:

Hi Lisa. thanks for this very informative vidoe. if I am using all the oils by diluting to 1 Oz argan oil how many drops of each should I use? thanks in advance

Jasmine Lee says:

i like

Jute Wood says:

Do you use your essential oils on your face? I’ve been using essential oils for body creams but would like to try in face cream. Thank you, Lisa!

Uber Healthful says:

Yes I do. My skin is very sensitive and I’ve found a few oils that work wonderfully along with a carrier oil. You can also make your own face cream and add essential oils.

Jute Wood says:

Thank you kindly, Lisa! I plan to make some face cream today.

Uber Healthful says:

You are welcome! Excellent.. let me know how it turns out or make a video about it! Would love if you shared your recipe 🙂