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Helllooo my likes!! As asked for, I made a video on my Do It Yourself FACIAL OIL! I switched over to oils concerning 6 months earlier due to the fact that I was unwell of wasting cash on industrial lotions and lotions that apparently made use of natural/organic active ingredients … yet if you review the ingredient listing, the initial 3 million active ingredients are chemicals that you cannot also pronounce. My skin was not boosting and I chose to attempt something brand-new. I jumped on the all organic, natural, hipster vibe bandwagon and also experimented with some face oils. I WILL CERTAINLY NEVER GO BACK TO USING LOTIONS. Honestly, the outcomes have actually been impressive.
For everybody who is worried about oily skin – believe me, natural oils do not make your skin oiler. It should assist with extreme oiliness by developing a well balanced environment– you’ll start to see differences in much less compared to a week.
To all my loving clients, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your current skin regimen, its time to earn a change and attempt some oils! You will certainly not be dissatisfied.

See to it all the oils you purchase are unrefined as well as cold-pressed to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the nutrients! I have actually gotten oils from Amazon oil (Argan, Rosehip as well as Jojoba) as well as they don’t as compare to the top quality of the oils from Pura D’or. The Pura D’or oils are so wonderful and also my skin is truly caring them (and they’re cruelty-free!). Because these oils last for a LONG time (I can make 3-4 even more stocks of face oil with my supply), its definitely worth buying a higher quality oil. This is exactly what you’ll be placing on your face each day so do not think twice to splurge a little bit. That being claimed, I do have a coupon code for Pura D’or! YAY.

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The base oil is the main ingredient in this mix so its crucial to pick one that has the best type of advantages for you. I selected Argan Oil since it is excellent for all complexion– it is moisturizing, healing as well as lightweight.
Other base oil choices:.
* Jojoba Oil – essentially on par with argan oil, and less expensive!
* Avocado Oil – Actually useful for dry skin.
* Grapeseed Oil – Actually valuable for oily skin.

It’s not required to blend oils for a face oil, yet I state its always an advantage to have these oils add additional benefits to your skin regimen. I am using Rosehip Seed Oil due to the fact that it benefits all skin kinds. Its wonderful for tightening up skin and preventing signs of aging (along with reversing indicators of aging). This oil does have a little a stank to it however it takes in conveniently and also the odor subsides within minutes.
Various other nourishing oil choices:.
* Evening Primrose Oil – Great for all skin types, specifically helpful for acne.
* Neem Oil – Great for acne/prone skin due to the fact that it has antimicrobial effects.

Now, the essential oil has numerous purposes, however the main one is to give your oil a great odor so that its even more pleasing to work with. I say choose Lavender, no question concerning it. I ran out of Lavender, so I’m making use of chamomile significance and also I have noticed it does have a naturally relaxing impact– not simply for my skin literally but for me psychologically.
Various other vital oil alternatives:.
* Rose – Helpful for regular, completely dry, as well as aging skin. Outstanding smell.
* Lemongrass – Great for toning and lightening up, helpful for acne skin.
* Peppermint – Good for oily skin.

1. Load your dropper bottle with regarding 2/3 of the means with your base oil.
2. Layer it off with rosehip seed oil (concerning 1/3 or less unless you can take care of the odor of more).
3. Add anywhere for 5-7 drops of crucial oil. With every couple of drops, mix and also smell your oil. You don’t desire the crucial oil to be subduing.

I suggest you begin by making a 1 ounce supply of oil. I am making use of a 2 oz bottle as well as just filled it up regarding halfway. 1 oz could last me 2-3 months easily depending on how frequently I utilize it. I use my oil each evening after cleaning my face. I take few drops on my hands as well as pat it into my skin for regarding 1-2 minutes. Every single early morning, I wake up to beautiful, gorgeous, revitalized skin.

~ ~ OILS ~ ~.
* I very recommend you acquire oil from a top notch company that promises honesty with its items in regards to being all-natural and also natural.
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You can likewise check out for some of the oils discussed over. Ensure you check out the honest evaluations. I have actually obtained some oils for that were much from the actual bargain.

~ ~ CONTAINER ~ ~.
This is an instance one from WholeFoods. Unless you’re getting wholesale, don’t buy these online and lose your cash! Its $2-4 at the store–.

Take a look at my All Natural Oil Cleansing Regimen right here:.

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Shayri Garg says:

I see your essential oil is diluted in jojoba oil (says so on the bottle) so you should add it somewhere that pure essential oils are needed in even lesser quantity (I reckon not more than 3-4 drops)

kayla Woodruff says:

Lavander is actually HORRID. Lavender, specifically linalool, can be cytotoxic, meaning that topical application causes skin-cell death. Also even though its “natural” doesn’t mean it is good for your skin. It is fragrant and can be very irritant for sensitive, and acne prone skin. So beware.

Kalea For says:

argan life Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil is a Great oil, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and it breaks down waterproof mascara during ocm. The ONLY thing is the very earthy smell that dissipates quickly after spreading on skin.

Christina Coigney says:

Where did you find the one ounce bottle of argan oil? I can’t find that anywhere!

Shelby Maree says:

for anyone who wants to fight off pimples and blemishes…combining lavender essential oil (antibacterial properties), tea tree essential oil (also antibacterial), and frankincense essential oil (anti-aging, tightening, smoothing, all around AMAZINGNESS). Also – use the good stuff. ‘organic’ on the bottle doesnt mean it’s organic. I recommend Doterra and Young Living 🙂 xx

Coralie Gema says:

The real deal – great product, fast shipping. argan life Argan Oil is the ideal product for dry, sensitive skin. I use it on my whole body.

Valley Deze says:

Argan Life company works well.

Emily Temis says:

Thank you 🙂 I’ll try it


my name is Nivedhitha 😘😀

Miza Izzaty says:

hey! can i just mix base oil and essential oil?

Tina bixi says:

I love the idea but I wish you could skip the essential oil because it is not good for the skin… .. go for natural oil perhaps you could replace olive oil.

Aditi Roy Chowdhury says:

Hi i totally loved it.. but i want to ask u can coconut oil be used as a carrier oil??

Hamna Atif says:

hi can flax seed oil be added to it?

Ifath Sayed says:

Hey, Niveda! Can you please review the Farsali elixirs?

Alyssa Packard says:

Hi! question, do you use this as a daily moisturizer as well?! Love this video and I love evening primrose for my acne!!

Divya Nagraj says:

Your videos are just amazing, I’m loving it so much.
Your facial oil is the best and my dry skin feels amazing. 😘
I have too much dark circle can you help me with some diy to reduce it or suggest any creams

lee Molloy says:

your music is way too distracting i couldn’t even finish the video

Irina Leao says:

Could I use just sweet almond oil and essential oils such as lavender and tea tree ?

Lavanya Babu says:

what nail polish is that? and what’s your tattoo… I can see Amma, Is that it? I wanted a tattoo ,but am scared of the pain….after seeing you, I want just the same on my wrist…

gouri gupta says:

Have you tried any Pura D’or’s shampoo? what do you think about it?

niveda108 says:

Yup and I love it! It takes a while for your hair to get used to it but after that its great!

Kirti Qanongo says:

wow…just found your channel and I can’t stop watching your videos.

niveda108 says:

Thank you!! 😍

Paula Warner says:

I love rose hip seed oil, doesn’t it need to be refrigerated?

niveda108 says:

Refrigeration will make it last longer! But it has a shelf life of two years even without! I’m too lazy to take it to the fridge haha 🙈

Paula Warner says:

Oh wow that’s great to know, thank you 🙂

Lea_Desire says:

Rosehip seed oil smells awful :/

Paula Warner says:

Lol I agree, not fond of the smell but the results are worth it.

Busy Black says:

Argan Rain %100 Pure Argan Oil leaves my skin feeling fresh and it works perfectly!! I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin since using this formula. I use it and it blends in nicely, no sticky residue. I’m “very” happy with this product!