How to Diffuse Essential Oils 🌱(And Why You’d Want To)

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Diffusing necessary oils is among the simplest methods to enjoy all the advantages of aromatherapy, that include:

– Supporting your physical wellness
– Inspiring a positive emotion
– As well as naturally, neutralizing smells

Some oils that I love to diffuse are:

Pepper mint and also Lemon for a natural wake me up
Incense for a spiritual uplift
Orange oil to increase my state of mind
Tranquility & Calming to relax me and also the children in the evening

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nightmareaudi says:

hi there, is the wall going to be stained if i use an oil diffuser?

Vicky Hamilton says:

what essentials oils would anyone recommend for and office space

Maryte Stankeviciute says:

could you tell what essential water soluble oils to safe use with electric difusers,humidifier ?

shygirlnow2011 says:

i have a diffuser and was curious as to how it works. Thanks for the intro and now I’m a new subbie!

Hippie Mountain Mama says:

If you have hard water , DO NOT use regular tap water. Use filtered water. The mineral deposits will damage the diffuser.. just FYI:) I’ve actually experienced this

Nina Roberts says:

I love oils!

Liisa Cormier says:

Is that diffuser made of plastic.?

Dan Kann says:

never have tried them girlfriend keeps trying to get me to take an aroma bath, but idk

Tillie O says:

Just started making essential oil jewelry for kids and adults! all you oil lovers check it out! 🙂

Jade Rock says:

Love this video! I’ve been thinking about trying young living, so this has given me a bit more motivation. Thanks! xx

Merrily S. says:

I LOVE R.C. ❤❤❤

Victoria Bautista says:

i like to make soap and body butters with essential oils.

cameron murphy says:

Nothing wrong with incense.

Annette Guilford says:

How big is the coverage when you diffuse?? Wondering if mine is going more than 3 cubit feet.

SweBass says:

“Bible study”


meaghanbri says:

SweBass Excuse you, rude much?

MÏKÉ says:

maybe, but brainwashed little 😀

Kara Metzger says:

Why is bible study funny?

Mary Mikhail says:

MÏKÉ no not brainwashed. someone’s spirituality is not insane. don’t make fun of people just because you don’t have faith in anything

Divya Sasidharan says:

arrghh when good products r in hands of spamish companies 🙁

zorro951000 says:

hello… I have and use a home difusser, I was wondering if you can give some advice for one to use in my car, I tried so many ways (using cork, cotton balls,etc. now  I’m using a spray botlle with lavender oil, dried flowers and water) but the scent only last for a while……

Myhealthycravings says:

zorro951000 YL has a car diffuser!

Teddy Botana says:

WoW “Mama” is Beautiful hehe… love the video and your HAIR!!! Thanx for explaining the reason to Diffuse!

TheNumbaOneMiss says:

the scent doesn’t linger though.. it’s like once it all diffuses out the smell goes away and you have to do this several times a day. i love the way it smells but it just doesn’t linger…

H. S says:

TheNumbaOneMiss maybe you should try a nebulizer, which is like a diffuser just that you use pure essential oil only (no water involved) I have one in my house and the smell lingers for quite long

TheNumbaOneMiss says:

H. S what kind of nebulizer? not one used for asthma, right? and how does that work without water??

H. S says:

TheNumbaOneMiss nope not the one for asthma 😂you can try searching ‘ultrasonic aromatherapy nebulizer’ . I don’t know the science-y terms is Basically it breaks down the essential oils into smaller particles, creating a mist.

H. S says:

Wait I’m not sure if it’s ultrasonic, I thinkkkk it depends on the model

TheNumbaOneMiss says:

H. S lol ok, I’ll check it out. thanks!

Maram Shahawy says:

can i use humidifier to diffuse oil?

Solanger Bernard says:

Maram Shahawy if its a cool mist humidifier i dont see why not.

Theresa Henry says:

Maram Shahawy No, because a diffuser has ultrasonic vibrations which disperse the oils.

Maram Shahawy says:

Oh, that’s cool. Thank you 🙂