Best Essential Oils for Acne

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Finest Important Oils for Acne

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From the ayurvedic point of view, minor acne can involve all 3 doshas (mind/body principles), however Pitta dosha and also rakta dhatu (blood) are mainly included. To discover how you can do away with acne, one have to first determine the dosha most involved. – See even more at:

When I discovered Ayurveda I located an ancient ideology that expanded from an understanding of nature’s balance that still puts on just how we live today, a strategy that uses guidance for our different, specific constitutions and also exposes our interconnectedness to the earth and also its seasons.

For me, among one of the most intriguing areas of ayurvedic medicine has been its use of medical oils, called thailams. Ayurveda uses thailams prescriptively to assist curb as well as protect against imbalance.

Ayurveda calls the application of oil ‘snehana’ which implies ‘to love.’ In essence, ayurveda teaches that the application of oil, is the application of love. It is a technique of spiritual anointment that is made use of to symbolize individual reverence. The skin functions as a car of administration for the penetration of natural herbs as well as essential oils to powerfully influence one’s physiology as well as mind.

The application of ayurvedic medicinal oils to the body is called abhyanga.

Each ayurvedic facial product, body oil, as well as natural blend that I have actually developed has a cosmetic, medical, as well as a spiritual value. Motivated by the knowledge of the plants that I’ve worked with and their medical equivalents, their intended impacts are interconnected, as well as overlay every facet of our being.

Certainly, real appeal inning accordance with ayurveda originates from within.

In my instructional views on ayurveda I instruct tools as well as sources on the best ways to implement ayurveda into your everday life. Consisting of how you can identify your dosha, herbal prep work approaches, ayurvedic skin products, thailams, ayurvedic herbs, ayurvedic cooking, and also ayurvedic medications especially customized for your doshic kind: vata, pitta, or kapha. Recognizing your prakruti as well as vikruti can assist but is not essential in understanding my video clips.


sOn flower says:

Woooow wish I had a collection as big as yours in the background

Shivaany Parthiparajan says:

Hi is tea tree oil bad for sensitive skin?

Monica Yearwood says:

it can be. it’s strong and anti-fungal, anti-bacterial…it can be drying. it is very astringent. but, diluted in small amounts it can be effective at reducing acne and balancing oil production.

ankita ahuja says:

hi.. informative video… what about Tamanu oil for acne?

hermedillalina says:

very informative video.thank you.can u do a video how to balance hormones in the body

Monica Yearwood says:

hi, i am going to a hormonal balancing video soon! thank you. i may do a live talk on it next month which you can access on my facebook group page.

Claudia McDonagh says:

How do we tackle the candida problem? Do we cleanse the liver? Is it all about diet?

Monica Yearwood says:

claudia in ayurveda it depends on the type of candida. there is candida that can settle in the large intestine producing symptoms of dryness, constipation, difficulty digesting. there is candida that can settle in the small intestine and create symptoms of loose bowel, acne and excess oil production. those two types of candidas are addressed very differently.

Shreya Bhandari says:

hey✋ I have very oily and acne prone skin. can I use argan oil, olive oil on my face?

Monica Yearwood says:

try it and see how it goes. generally the more astringent oils are better for oily prone skn….like grapeseed oil or jojoba (which is not technically an oil actually)…coconut oil can work for some oily skin types. after you choose which base oil, try experimenting with some essential oils. geranium is really good at balancing oil production on the skin…also cistus, sandalwood… dilute it at 4% ratio to base oil

kawaljeet kaur says:

Heyyy…nice video….i have geranium essential oil and i wish to use it on my face…i dont want to mix it with other oils,, but with my facial moisturiser…please let me know if it is safe to do so???

Monica Yearwood says:

yes, you can absolutely do that. in general you want to keep it at about 5% dilution for your face.

Raisa B says:

I just loved this video. Very, very informative, thank you so much, Monica!
I struggle with acne already 10 years and not everybody understand it. I am 22 and I first started having it when I was 12. Please, post more about acne and how to fight it!!! It is a huge help!
All the good vibes and wishes from Brazil! Totally subscribed!

Monica Yearwood says:

thanks raisa! i will post a video on this topic tomorrow.

Coldwelth Simms says:

What about for pcos?

Monica Yearwood says:

hey i’m actually going to do a video on this coming up in the next few weeks. subscribe to my channel 🙂 thanks!

C says:

+Monica Yearwood yes pls , please do so. I’m sure it will be helpful <3 xo

Monica Yearwood says:

 will!  thank you 🙂

Maria Franco says:

Monica excellent detailing explanations it seems that it covers 100% of This Acne situations!!
thank you!!

Monica Yearwood says:

thanks maria!

Diana 1 says:

what do you recommend for a liver cleanse?

Roi says:

Diana 1 beer..


Try a blend of Kale, fresh parsley, turmeric, cucumbers and bananas. Mix it up everyday in a blender and after a week your skin will glow and you will have no breakouts.