Best Anti-aging Essential Oils in Natural Skincare

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Crucial oils are the removed significances from plants, blossoms, and origins that contain countless chemical compounds and powerful antioxidants. Although important oils share a scent, it is necessary to recognize that they are also a complex blend of chemicals that affect our physiology in profound means.

True appeal transcends age or sex as well as comes from within. It is generated by a strong digestive system, healthy food, meditation/yoga, and blessing our skin with therapeutic oils. Jointly these techniques maximize our ojas (inner vitality as well as essence) as well as make us look radiant.

When I found Ayurveda I discovered an ancient approach that grew from an understanding of nature’s equilibrium that still applies to just how we live today, a technique that supplies assistance for our various, individual constitutions and also reveals our interconnectedness to the planet and its seasons.

For me, among the most intriguing locations of ayurvedic medicine has been its use of medicinal oils, called thailams. Ayurveda uses thailams prescriptively to assist suppress and also protect against imbalance.

Ayurveda calls the application of oil ‘snehana’ which means ‘to enjoy.’ Fundamentally, ayurveda shows that the application of oil, is the application of love. It is a method of spiritual anointment that is used to symbolize personal respect. The skin works as a car of administration for the penetration of natural herbs and also important oils to powerfully influence one’s physiology as well as mind.

The application of ayurvedic medicinal oils to the body is called abhyanga.

Each ayurvedic facial lotion, body oil, as well as herbal mix that I have actually developed has a cosmetic, medical, as well as a spiritual relevance. Motivated by the intelligence of the plants that I’ve dealt with and also their medical equivalents, their intended effects are adjoined, and also overlay every element of our being.

Without a doubt, true beauty inning accordance with ayurveda originates from within.

In my educational sights on ayurveda I teach tools and sources on how you can execute ayurveda right into your everday life. Including how to identify your dosha, organic prep work approaches, ayurvedic skin serums, thailams, ayurvedic natural herbs, ayurvedic cooking, and ayurvedic medications specifically personalized for your doshic kind: vata, pitta, or kapha. Comprehending your prakruti as well as vikruti can assist however is not necessary in recognizing my videos.


Arshi Quazi says:

Thanks for the rply….can u told me which essential oil im use …i have a dry skin?? And how dropes essential oil using a serum?plz dear

Arshi Quazi says:

Thanks for the rply….can u told me which essential oil im use …i have a dry skin??plz dear

Arshi Quazi says:

Hello mame im 25year old..and i have a dry skin…i have some oils…like jojoba oil…argan oil…apricot oil….avocado oil…carrot seed oil…aucalyptus oil….olive oil…coconut oil….amond oil….so plz suggest me how can i make my own serum??and which oil required ?plz plz

sharonpoetry says:

Wow, I have learnt an insane amt of info by this one video! That’s for sharing

Monica Yearwood says:

awe ~ glad you liked it! means a lot.

Missy Marie Schultz says:

What word are you saying in Sanskrit for juice? I wondered how to spell it. Thank you!

Monica Yearwood says:

rasa. it’s one of my favorite words. it refers to the juice, essence, sap within each person. but, rasa is also our plasma — the first tissue layer in the human body. rasa, is also the essence we extract from the foods we consume….and rasa, is also the actual taste of things that we perceive on our tongue.

Madams.59 says:

When would you use all these oils together and it sounds like you could blend them all together with some sort of carrier oil. Could you problem them and put them in a jar ready to use. If so, how many drops fills of each would you use for a blend. When would you use them…at night or day or both? Sorry for all the questions. Just getting into essential oils. I’ll also check out your website.

Monica Yearwood says:

hey there, you could. usually recommend a 4-7% dilution of essential oils to carrier oil. then choose a carrier oil based on the skin type or desired effect.

kathy k says:

I’m sorry but could you list out all the oils that you had mentioned please? Thank you, look forward to trying this!

Sunflowershowers says:

Great video!!

Monica Yearwood says:

thank you!

Alicia Guerrer says:

Thank you so much is a great video!

Monica Yearwood says:

thank you!

Jackof Alltrades says:

Great information, thank you! Could you tell me what the music playing in the background is?

Monica Yearwood says:

thanks! i’m actually not sure about the music…my editor put it in there 🙂

Chantelle M says:

really helpful information great vid 👍

Monica Yearwood says:


Emily Hinkle says:

Hi there! just curious…Do you know if carrot seet essential oil is safe during pregnancy? I know that too much, or the use of a vitamin A is not okay while pregnant, but if it is a natural vitamin A do you know if that makes any difference??? Thank you:) Emily

Monica Yearwood says:

carrot seed oil diluted at 4-7% in a carrier oil and used topically on your face should be fine during pregnancy, but you should check with your health care provider to be sure 🙂