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Time to enjoy a complete nights sleep by delighting in the recovery and naturally advantageous residential or commercial properties of aromatherapy. Use your preferred necessary oils using this lovely and elegantly created diffuser that can be found in our advanced dark bamboo finish to add a touch of motivation to any house, workplace, day spa, bedroom, living room, yoga space and more. Perfect for those who look for subtle elegance and performance, this diffuser does not disappoint!
Our BellaSentials Aromatherapy Diffuser does a fantastic job of diffusing the oils utilizing ultrasonic waves that will not damage the integrity of your most precious important oils. It will add to 8 hours on high mode, and as much as 12 hours on low mode. Close down automatically when the water goes out.
In addition, 7 calming and relaxing color changing lights to you’re your soul and fit any state of mind. Which can an easily be switched to stop the rotation on your preferred color too. With the numerous health benefits pure necessary oils provide and BellaSentials charming modern style, this diffuser is an ideal financial investment for your very own home or a thoughtful gift for household and loved ones.
BellaSentials is dedicated to providing you 100% consumer fulfillment. In a not likely occasion that you are not pleased with its efficiency, let us understand right away and we will give you a replacement. You get our LIFETIME warranty if anything occurs … you’re 100% covered!

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  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches ; 1 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • UPC: 721462554046

Customer Reviews

Worth every penny!

36 people found this helpful.
 on August 13, 2015
By Serjay P. Lelyukh
Love this Diffuser! I was trying to find diffuser that I will love and will be great quality. I read a lot of reviews, looked at a lot of diffusers, and when I found this one I fell in love with the look but didn’t like the price. Since it was my birthday present my hubby said I can buy it and told me not to look at the price. I have used this diffuser for 2 weeks now and I love it. I love everything about it! The LED colors are not too bright. When the water is out it doesn’t beep but just shuts off automatically. The mist is great, the smell isn’t too strong but perfect!

Love it!

14 people found this helpful.
 on January 20, 2017
By Ellen Alfie
I am in love with this essential oil diffuser. It looks like wood, but it’s plastic. It is very sleek and unobtrusive. I have been using it daily since Christmas. It is very easy to clean (I clean it once a week). It has never gotten gross looking inside. This diffuser runs a surprisingly long time, in my opinion. I run it on the lower setting and it goes at least 10+ hrs. I don’t overfill it either. I like the lights, but I turn them off before bedtime. I have never heard this make a beep when it auto-shuts off. I will be purchasing more soon. I want one in my office and in almost all the rooms in the house.

Best diffuser/humidifier ever!!!!!

12 people found this helpful.
 on March 26, 2017
By Carrie Rainey
This is an absolutely amazing diffuser! I love it!!! Not only is it beautiful and goes well with my decor in my family room, it works amazingly! I love the settings. You can choose to have the full mist or the light mist, the water level sign is clearly marked, the lights on it can rotate, you xan stop it on your favorite color or no lights. Best part…it last 10 hours! It doesnt look like it holds 300mg of water but it does! And it will shut off on its own if the water level gets too low, which gives me peace of mind if i leave it on all day while im at work. I highly recommend this diffuser/humidifier! I add eucalyptus essential oil and it smells the whole downstairs up like a spa! If your shopping around and trying to decide which diffuser of many to get, stop here because this is the one you want! I know, because i shop by reading reviews.

Nice buy

13 people found this helpful.
 on January 18, 2016
By K. White
love the wide, hard-to-tip design. Love that you can choose one color light, alternating/fading light show, or no light at all. There is also a selection for lighter or heavier output. Elegantly, all this control is in one flush-set button that blends in unobtrusively to the nicely done artificial wood grain shell. My second diffuser, loving it!

Great diffuser.

7 people found this helpful.
 on December 13, 2015
By C. Pudas
We love, love, love this diffuser. It’s quiet and holds enough to continue running all night. My toddler is sleeping better then ever and the light it gives off replaces the nightlight we had plugged in. It’s nice a sturdy and doesn’t tip over easily, like a lot of the machines we have purchased, and have in various locations through out the house. It cleans up pretty easy and I like the option of having two different strength modes. If my son is having a particularly fearful night (like during a storm) I have detached the faux wood colored top part from the separate white top part that is underneath, so that there is a lot more light in the room of his chosen color. I’m not sure if this was intended by the mfg but it works out great for my family!

I have been so pleased. It is very quiet and looks beautiful

4 people found this helpful.
 on April 8, 2017
By Tiff
I received my diffuser last week, after a couple weeks of researching off and on. I have been so pleased. It is very quiet and looks beautiful. It looks more like art or an accent piece than an appliance. I like that there are two modes, low and high. For my bedroom or prolonged use, I use low. For a big space or a quick freshen, I use the high. I never wanted lights; this one has an off switch for the lights! BUT I found that the lights are kind of nice every one in awhile, especially in the evening. I’ve used it every day and I’m really happy with the results.

Elegant looking and works like a charm!

13 people found this helpful.
 on December 29, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Works like a charm, I read many reviews and if you read the simple directions included and fill appropriately to the “max” line you should have no problems! Very easy to set up and it looks elegant. I set mine on low and it used barely any water in 8 hours (picture included with water left after use) and there was a lot of scent diffused. There is a sound when it is on but nothing we feel that is an issue while sleeping.

This diffuser disperses scent much better than my other diffuser!!!

10 people found this helpful.
 on July 7, 2016
By svt
This diffuser works wonderfully diffusing my essential oils. Distributes scent well in a medium to large room. My only issue with this diffuser is the amount of water and oil left when it turns itself off. The inside where the water and oil goes, is flat and I wonder if this is the reason for this issue. Other than that I am happy with this diffuser.

essential oil diffuser

3 people found this helpful.
 on June 3, 2016
By Val Capone
I bought this diffuser for my sister-in-law for my new baby nephew. I did try it out before I placed it in my nephews room. It is quiet but there is a slight hum to it. I like that you can turn the lights off on it. This is needed sometimes but also being able to have a nightlight on in the room is helpful as well. The changing colors helps when my nephew is up and needing to be entertained. Otherwise one color is picked or no light at all. The instructions say it can hold 400 ml of water and this is incorrect it can actually only hold 350ml. So I think they need to correct that. There is a max point of water and if you use 400ml it is over the max point. Also this unit is a rather large unit and takes up a lot of space unlike other units. This I found off putting. I own 8 diffusers and I am not sure I would own this one due to its shape and how much counter space it takes up. It does run for the 8-12 hours it states, and it is quiet but due to its bulky size I can only give it 4 stars.

Good diffuser for a large room

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 on September 9, 2016
By EJC415
This is a great diffuser for a large room. It will diffuse water for up to 12 hours like it promises. However, you will have to refill your essential oils at about 6 hours. This diffuser is nice to look at, the color change or solid color modes are beautiful, and it will blend in with most décor. It is relatively easy to clean although if you use “oily” oils like citrus, you will need a q-tip to clean the internal corners. It has worked perfectly since I received it, and I have used it almost every day. The only issue I have with it is that it is not super easy to get the top off. It definitely takes two hands to hold it at four points and lift it off. If it had a little notch or tab on the back it would be much easier. I am giving it four stars instead of five because it will not put out oil fragrance for as long as the water lasts, and it is not so easy to open it up.