Aromyst Ultrasonic Glass Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser, White

Enlighten your senses with the Aromyst Ultrasonic Diffuser. With a style motivated by the torch ginger flower belonging to the South Pacific, the Aromyst diffuser elegantly infuses any home, bed room, or little space with aromatic myst.Improve Well-Being

Alleviate stress and tension, mental fatigue, and enhance over-all wellness and vitality.Purify Your Air

Minimize dust and aid eliminate bacteria and fungus that are present in the air with necessary oils.Humidify

Helpful in dry climates where dry air can cause irritated sinuses, throat and itchy eyes.Envelop The Senses

Scent has a considerable impact on how we feel, so it’s crucial that the environment we reside in smells delightful! By diffusing important oils, unpleasant odors can be gotten rid of changing your home into a more satisfying atmosphere.

Aromyst Does It Differently

Aromyst employs the most advanced ultrasonic technology utilized to diffuse the essential oil of your option, offering a much healthier and safer option to synthetic space refreshers, sprays and candles. The diffuser uses high-frequency, low-energy vapor innovation to create vibrations that breakdown the oil into tiny micro-particles without utilizing any type of heat. These micro-particles are dispersed into the air and supply therapeutic advantages for the body, mind & soul.

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