Aromatherapy for Anxiety & Depression

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I had a crazy week so I couldn’t film a normal video clip (however I had this pre-recorded simply in case). Routine video next week, possibly a Q&A! Link to product:
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This is a non-sponsored review of the Croc Life Essential Oil diffuser.

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Sirena Smiles says:

Great video!!

Music Teacher Guy says:

Aw, man, don’t tell me Sammi is into aromatherapy!

rawsammi says:

+Music Teacher Guy 😝

GS99 says:

DIY cleaning asap, I need that hun. Bless

Mike Ockham says:

Rosemary is a memory enhancer.

rawsammi says:

+Mike Ockham cool!

Mike Ockham says:

Rosemary works by increasing levels of neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is responsible for memory and and thinking.

Dennis Ludwig says:

A diffuser is planned for my future. Anxiolytic oils I am interested in. Liked your presentation.

Rain Maker says:

The click bait video was much more entertaining.

Joe Kerr says:

What video was that

Robert Buchanan says:

Mr. Shaggy Waggy Tail, lol.

Anna says:

please share your diy cleaning recipes! 😁

CerebralAssassin says:

it looks pretty…I could stare at that for hours! 🙂

Laurinda Osborne says:

I have the same defuser! Different colour though 🙂

abby dabby says:

Do you like it?? Or does it bother you after a couple hours?? Noticed any improvement in the self?

Laurinda Osborne says:

I love it. Doesn’t bother me at all. 🙂

tennisdude52278 says:

I’ve heard of using aromatherapy for headaches but haven’t tried it for anxiety before. I’ll have to give it a shot. Also your hair looks very pretty in this video 🙂

Frank James Bonarrigo says:

living with your ex must raise cortisol levels

Joe Kerr says:

+Reesy Ree she wouldn’t be depressed if that were true

Joe Kerr says:

wouldn’t she be putting on weight

rambo162 says:

whats the song at 5:30 sounds awesome. i love soothing music like that

Frank James Bonarrigo says:

i had an aromatherapy business. we need to get married

Tanya Kohl says:

I must have this! TY <3

Cordyceps says:

The pseudo-science is bull, but wow you are beautiful. ;_;

TheSpazModic says:

Diesel fuel is not effective…don’t believe the hype

Elijah Murray says:

I’m sorry for being myself

Scarpie Parpie says:

Yes talk about your diy cleaning products that you do and also I saw some small little stories I think you made on your instagram when I first checked it out today earlier, but going back and wanting to bring them up I can’t find the?? I think one was called “The duck Tale”? Anyways, are you going to be doing more along those lines? They reminded me of The Wolf Among Us, where it takes something that seems made for children or along those lines and adds a spice of vulgarity to it a bit. I’d like to see some of your ones, fleshed out and made a bit longer, they do have promise. I think you were messing with fonts or something you said, also I was really into a bigger version of one of those aromatherapy things around a year ago have a good one

Casey Mitchell says:

You should totally do a video about your DIY cleaning recipes 🙂

abby dabby says: