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Does it really function?
This is my truthful evaluation for the item MONQ!
I belong to the MONQ Ambassador Program.

They clearly explain that users prefer to utilize this item at their own threat.
There are numerous other safety measures noted as well.
So essentially review thoroughly of what this item consists of prior to acquiring.
Also I personally would not advise this item to anybody with bronchial asthma or breathing issues since the product is breathed in right into your olfactory system.

I believed these was necessary factors!

” We do not market or sell MONQ Restorative Air to youngsters under 18 years of ages, neither to pregnant or nursing females. MONQ Therapeutic Air need to not be used as well as if begun it must be ceased instantly if you dislike, intolerant of, or assume you are allergic to or intolerant of any one of the active ingredients. We are cautious about suggesting MONQ Therapeutic Air to previous smokers, as we aren’t sure if the use of a device of this nature will certainly boost the urge to return to cigarette smoking. Maintain these devices out of the reach of kids as well as animals. The tiny plastic top to the shipping tube can be a choking danger to them.”

” Allergies are unusual with MONQ Therapeutic Air but you ought to read the list of the active ingredients to guarantee that you do not have a recognized level of sensitivity to any one of them. If you experience an allergy, we urge you to seek treatment as well as to stop the use of MONQ Healing Air instantly. MONQ needs to be taken a breath inning accordance with the directions.”

Most likely to their website to see more testimonies about the item!

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Love Leonard says:

how are u supposed to blow it out your nose

Pamelaalexisdc says:

which scent do you recommend?

capitán_ camote_picante says:

I can buy a good mod-box with that amount

bisexual.tomboy 97 says:

got my products today and i hate the flowery smell all of them have.. not a fan of the smell but i did feel calm and happy (i got Zen, Vibrant and Happy)

Crista walker says:

How long each piece of MONQ lasts???

iicatii says:

I got my monq i just order happy because thats the mood i need the most XD

chester14rw says:


Shannon Tam says:

I’m not going to post this again lol. You cannot buy juice or charge monq. That’s why they have a recycling program!
Please read thanks! ❤️

Zack Bonsignore says:

So if you used the Monq and there’s nothing left. Can you buy the juice for it somewhere and is there a charger for it?

Zack Bonsignore says:

Shannon Tam thanks!

Arigatou Leslie says:

I recently just found out about MONQ but since it’s not sold to people under 18 I am not able to and I have the same cases as you (anxiety & depression) just have to wait 5-6 years :/) plus I don’t think my mom would be happy with me looking like I’m smoking a cig till 18 but thanks for the review!

Lol Lol says:

How old do you have to be ?

Christina Romero says:


phanicatthehorizon says:

they don’t recommend it to very young children because it might encourage the “hand-to-mouth” habit but i’m 15 and i use this it’s not harmful to your body at all it’s just essential oils! ^-^

Lol Lol says:

phanicatthehorizon does it work and what did u tell your parents?

George Eden says:

I guess I can’t try them being under 18 😩 I’ll just continue struggling for another 3 years

brie marie says:

George Eden you can, its not illegal for u to buy cuz there is nothing addictive about it.

George Eden says:

brie marie yeah, I just don’t know how to ask my parents and what they will think and also what people on general will think

brie marie says:

George Eden well maybe show your parents a good video on it and the website. im waiting for mine to come in the mail, and im sure if you get it, you can use it very discretely by just going into the restroom for a second. it doesnt have a very strong scent. i see no problem with it because it has nothing harmful in it.

itsCrispy - Minecraft says:

Very true brie marie! I am purchasing one for me and my mother and my grandma! I am 14 but I have a lot of stress with work and school. Hoping it will help 🙂

Blue J says:

Can you re Fill them?

Shannon Tam says:

Blue J nope you have to buy them. They have a recycling program to send in your empty MONQS.

Blue J says:

Shannon Tam I was just wondering I have really bad anxiety so I hope this helps it. Thanks for the fast response

Alicia H says:

do you have an active coupon code? i just tried to use the shantam10 and it didn’t work 🙁

Shannon Tam says:

Alicia H I’m sorry! I just contacted them to hopefully get a working or new one back! I received the SHANTAM10 instead of the one in the video because someone stole it. I’ll try my best to retrieve a working one.

Shannon Tam says:

Hello if you’re still interested the coupon code should go through now!

Gracie G says:

Can minors use these?

Savannah ! says:

Gracie G yes, there is no tobacco and it is not smoking

Aria Sexton says:

Gracie G yes it is not illegal yet if you’re a minor they do not want to encourage the hand to mouth habit so children to not have the desire to smoke.

Timmy Turner says:

yes I have 3, bought with a gift card, its not drugs or anything like that lol

MucousYeti831 says:

Wait so if a cop drives by and a minor is smoking Monq, once they find out it’s Monq, they are free to go?

Sammy Allvord says:

Can you put more “juice” / essential oils in it?? or do you just have to buy more??

Shannon Tam says:

Sammy Allvord you have to buy more.

Sammy Allvord says:

Shannon Tam okay thank you:)

stray.girl says:

My dad says buying a bottle of estail oils is all I need like ….
I really wanna try this and help my anxiety and depression and everything

Stephanie Vatamaniuck says:

How long is it good for? They said there was an expiry, is it like a year or something?

Shannon Tam says:

1 month

Stephanie Vatamaniuck says:

No I mean the expiry, they said there is an expiry on each one and it should be at least a year.

Shannon Tam says:

You can also message them on their website. Sorry that I don’t have the exact answer. lol

Baekhyun Trash says:

I neeed this so bad I’m dying but I don’t know what my mom will think

_Sassy Kayla_ says:


_Sassy Kayla_ says:

omg okay

madison english says:

+_Sassy Kayla_ my grandmother is the same way so i just went along and bought it on my own i’m waiting to receive it but i think in my own privacy i don’t see a problem no artificial to worry ab!

khalid mohammad says:

Baekhyun Trash me 2

J South says:

lol no matter what I can’t escape Kpop…not that i’m complaining