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The Aroma-AceTM is an effective, compact, and simple to use essential oil diffuser system for aromatherapy. The Aroma-AceTM has actually integrated in on/off timers and output volume control for easy modification. It is designed to easily and easily bring spa quality healing aromatherapy to your home, office, hotel space, or anywhere that you want. The Aroma-AceTM is created with a quick change atomizer system that links directly to the necessary oil bottle; this makes altering necessary oils a breeze. No pouring, No mess, simply put your bottle directly on the atomizer, then with a flick of the wrist … presto! The fantastic scent of your favorite necessary oil. Each Aroma-AceTM includes: 2 (TWO) fast change atomizer accessories 2 (TWO) 15ml bottles Instructions The Aroma-AceTM is integrated in USA and will supply several years of reliable service.

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  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 10.5 x 4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
  • UPC: 851116002026 851116002408 851116002095 851116002910
  • Item model number: ACE110VUSBLKOD

Customer Reviews

Best unit I’ve ever used…

28 people found this helpful.
 on July 3, 2016
By Jason E
After reading some of the negative reviews, I almost didn’t buy this product. I’m very glad that I did.

Very good but NOT perfect.

73 people found this helpful.
 on July 1, 2014
We like the doTerra diffuser but wanted to love it! So a few things if you are considering this diffuser (or any essential oil diffuser really). 1) It’s not silent – it sounds a bit like a fish tank pump. Depending on your environmental needs, some may actually consider this unit ‘noisy’. 2) It doesn’t have an off/on timer for the unit. This means it’s going to run 24×7 unless you turn the unit off yourself. 3) The adjustment knobs are limited. The unit has adjustment knobs for how long to run it, how long to pause it between ‘on’ cycles, and how heavy you want the oil diffused. The on timer dial has times 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes printed around the knob, but we are testing the part of the knob with nothing printed on it to see if we can a) run for LESS than 5 minutes ON and b) rest in between for more than 20 minutes off. Why? Consumption. These oils – especially the brand name ones ain’t cheap – even if you set the diffuser level to the lowest level but run the unit for 12 hours a day (9AM – 9PM) seven days a week, you’ll go through a 15ml bottle in appx 2 weeks. With an average bottle costing about $20, that’s $10 a week in oil! But does the unit do it’s job, yes, without question. It is a strong little unit, diffuses very well and consistently and comes with an extra bottle holder / diffuser stem. It also comes with a bottle of oil to get you started. But if costs are your primary concern, look at the Whisper. It is an aroma diffuser which means you are mostly diffusing water with some drops of essential oil added vs this or any other essential oil diffuser which is diffusing 100% oil and the unit (we read) is very quiet. So there you have it. It’s been 2 weeks and this is our observations so far.

I like it … I’m keeping it … expected to love it … read to see what I like and don’t like.

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 on August 3, 2016
By Nurseshelly
So … I like this, I wanted to love, love, love it.


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 on January 4, 2015
ok, others have mentioned that this one is loud, and I have to agree. And it wont turn off when the oil runs out. I tolerate both of these things because when someone in my family has a respiratory infection, only this will do for us. This diffuser runs with a fish tank pump, similar to other brands out there, all of them are loud, because of the pump. Pure essential oils are diffused into the air, with no water in the mix. This is makes for serious essential oil treatment, when one is ill. By the bed , run all night, on for 15 minutes, off 10, you can up the time on if someone is really sick, just be careful not to over do. It will boost the healing exponentially. ( not a substitute for competent medical care). It may take 3 or more nights of running this, but it will help you kick the nastiest bugs and secondary infections. You can run a separate humidifier, when there is congestion. You must cough up the mucous, otherwise serious health hazards can happen. Pneumonia is a killer of young and old. Be very careful when running this with babies and toddlers, they can get too much oil exposure, use only for a few minutes, off and on, well away from them, don’t use peppermint with them.