Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The Aroma-AceTM is an effective, compact, and simple to use essential oil diffuser system for aromatherapy. The Aroma-AceTM has actually integrated in on/off timers and output volume control for easy modification. It is designed to easily and easily bring spa quality healing aromatherapy to your home, office, hotel space, or anywhere that you want. The Aroma-AceTM is created with a quick change atomizer system that links directly to the necessary oil bottle; this makes altering necessary oils a breeze. No pouring, No mess, simply put your bottle directly on the atomizer, then with a flick of the wrist … presto! The fantastic scent of your favorite necessary oil. Each Aroma-AceTM includes: 2 (TWO) fast change atomizer accessories 2 (TWO) 15ml bottles Instructions The Aroma-AceTM is integrated in USA and will supply several years of reliable service.